Zyppah is a revolutionary anti-snoring mouthpiece designed by Dr. Jonathan Greenburg to treat snoring and help patients with sleep apnea.

There are four (4) Zyppah versions. There’s one version that can be bought online without prescription and another three that need to be prescribed and custom-fitted by a doctor. Snore No More centers around California currently offer prescription Zyppah.

Zyppah spelled backwards stands for “Happy Z” where “Z” stands for zzz or sleeping. This product is committed to stop snoring from the first use and help you improve the quality of your life, and rebuild relationships that might have been affected because of excessive snoring.

Pros & Cons

All products have certain features that make them beneficial and drawbacks that may cause us to have second thoughts on using the product. Here’s a list of a few that would better explain Zyppah as a product to help you with your snoring problems.

Pros (Advantages) of Zyppah Snoring Aid

  • American-made product, Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited, and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared.
  • The product was designed by an experienced dentist with background in bioengineering and affiliated with Snore No More facilities in California that specializes in snoring and sleep apnea.
  • Zyppah offers two solutions in one device: jaw repositioning and tongue stabilization to open airways, allow easy breathing, and eliminate snoring.
  • Design is comfortable and easy-to-use: “boil and bite” design ensures a custom fit.
  • It is made from BPA-free thermoplastic material. It comes in attractive neon green and black colors.
  • Zyppah has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, and free shipping and handling.

Cons (Drawbacks) of Zyppah Snoring Aid

  • Like all mouthpieces, Zyppah can cause jaw soreness and drooling for a few days.
  • It is not recommended for individuals with dentures, caps, crowns or loose teeth.
  • Users would need to factor in additional cost for denture-tabs. Although it can be cleaned with only soap and water, it’s suggested to also be cleaned with denture tabs at least once a week.

Who is Zyppah Snoring Aid good for?

Snoring starts as a nuisance to your relationship with your partner, but it can lead to devastating heartaches in time if not addressed immediately. Zyppah is a solution to prevent this catastrophe!

Zyppah is effective for patients who suffer from snoring due to blocked airways. Its design features a two-fold process that both positions the jaw forward and features a unique tongue crossbar that prevents the tongue from falling and blocking the airways while sleeping. These vibrating obstructions are what we normally hear as snoring.

With Zyppah, airways are kept clear and snoring is kept at bay, and then completely eliminated!

Who should not use Zyppah Snoring Aid?

A mouthpiece can be an excellent solution to prevent snoring. But, if you’ve had dental work such as dentures, caps, crowns or loose teeth, you shouldn’t use Zyppah.

To be effective, strong upper and lower teeth are a necessity to use the device. Teeth issues can prevent the device from being held firmly in place and cause it to not work effectively.

Also, Zyppah doesn’t address all causes of snoring. It is still recommended that you see a specialist to help you find an effective solution based on your specific diagnosis.

Features of the Zyppah Snoring Aid

Zyppah is classified as a MAD or mandibular advancement device. MADs are devices also referred to as oral appliances that work by moving the mandible or the lower jaw forward and open the airways.  Like other MADs, Zyppah does the same lower jaw positioning action to open the airways. However, Zyppah also functions as a TRD or a tongue retaining device with the rubber-like stabilizer strap at the end of the mouthpiece.

Zyppah is therefore a hybrid of MAD and TRD anti-snoring designs to effectively end snoring (see below figure)

Once you fall asleep, the tongue flops toward the throat because the muscles relax. When this happens, the uvula and soft palate can cause a partial breathing obstruction. Likewise, your neck muscles also relax and make your throat soft tissues to be closer together.

Normally, when relaxed, soft throat tissues and the uvula touch. When air pushes through it, the tissues vibrate. These vibrating tissues cause the snoring sound that we hear.

Zyppah positions the lower jaw forward and keeps the tongue stationary so the uvula and soft palate don’t collapse into the throat – which ultimately means no tissues touching, no vibrations, no snoring.

Background and Credibility of Zyppah Snoring Aid

Zyppah was designed by Dr. Jonathan Greenburg, one of the foremost authorities on treating snoring and sleep apnea. He has extensive experience in the field of dentistry before shifting his focus to treat snoring issues and open five different Sleep No More Centers across Southern California.

Dr. Greenburg also has a background in bio-engineering that helped him create the revolutionary design of Zyppah. He discovered that he could eliminate snoring by addressing the airway blockage caused by a relaxed tongue and designed the Zyppah to address this specifically.

This wide-ranging experience and knowledge in the fields of dentistry and bio-engineering guarantees that the product’s overall design is well researched and crafted by experts.

Zyppah is a product designed and manufactured in the US where there are strict policies on medical devices. It complies with the US FDA standards as an anti-snoring device.  Having passed through a stringent screening process assures that the product is of the highest standard and quality.

Dr. Greenburg – Eliminating Snoring from ZYPPAH on Vimeo.

How is Zyppah Snoring Aid different?

There a lot of other MADs and TRDs on the market, what makes Zyppah different?

  1. It’s a two-in-one product. You get the necessary jaw and tongue support needed to clear airways and prevent snoring.
  2. The unique tongue strap – you stop snoring by addressing the root cause, the tongue. It works as a seatbelt for your tongue and prevents it from blocking airways. This is the only device on the market that offers this solution today.
  3. Zyppah offers a 90-day trial promotion. If not satisfied with the product, you can return it within 90 days and get a full refund. You get an additional 90 days if you purchase your Zyppah with their SNAP cleanser.
  4. The design and material used is vibrant, visually pleasing, comfortable to use and non-irritating.
  5. Customer reviews proclaim and support Zyppah’s claim to make sleeping, for you and your partner, silent and happy. Snoring was gone on their first try!

User Experience of Zyppah Snoring Aid

Most customers are skeptical to use Zyppah because of how it is designed. Some comment that they have initial reservations to use it because of the tongue strap it has. In their minds, this strap may cause a gag reflex when used.

Ordering the product was easy. Check their official website and place an order online. It was first released for over $120 but the prices have come down since and is now less than that. The company even offers further discounts when you purchase two Zyppahs instead of 1. Shipping, processing and handling fees are charged at a flat rate.

Delivery is without hassle and on-time. The package and product are both attractive and the fitting instruction is straightforward and easy to follow. It uses a boil-and-bite method of preparation that’s common for MADs.

After using it for a whole night, there was soreness in Casey’s jaws. This sensation was commonplace for MADs users. He continued to use it for more than a week and his mouth started to get used to it. Our original reservations on the tongue strap were relieved as Casey say’s it doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all!

In time, the soreness gradually went away and with it the snoring!


First and foremost, go see a physician to know the cause of your snoring issues. Only by knowing this can you find the most effective solution to rid yourself of this problem. Your mouth is unique and so are its problems, so learn more before you invest on a product that may or may not help you with your issues.

Zyppah though, is a worriless investment. The unique design and positive customer feedback assures that you’re getting an effective and quality product. The 90-day money back guarantee gives you additional security that you’ll get fully refunded if you’re unhappy with it. So, see it for yourself, try it, risk-free!


Guaranteed to Treat Snoring

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