Yoga exercises are immensely beneficial for human body in various ways. Besides being helpful in losing weight, reducing fat from tummy etc, yoga exercises can also help you in fighting snoring problems, Yoga has been an effective snoring treatment. Snoring can be a tedious experience, causing a restless night for your partner and even for yourself.

In this article, we are going to discuss Yoga as Snoring Solution and some of the most extraordinary yoga exercises to reduce snoring.

Yoga has helped people cure their snoring, checkout below yoga for snoring –

#1 Kapalbhati Yoga for Snoring :

This breathing exercise reduces a number of ailments. It makes use of your abdominal muscles and diaphragm for inhaling and exhaling purpose. Kapalbhati exercise reverses the normal breathing process: while usually we term inhalation as an active process and exhalation as a passive one, Kapalbhati yoga is the opposite. You forcefully move the abdominal muscles inward to exhale the air. Inhalation is done with relaxation, while filling the lungs with air.

Checkout below video on how to perform Kapalbhati yoga to cure snoring.

#2 Bhramari Pranayama Yoga for Snoring :

“Bharmar” in Sanskrit means humming bee. This yoga pose is done by making a humming bee sound, thus relaxing the brain with this technique. It is highly effective and works as a tonic for brain. It helps in reduction of stress and is one of the best yoga exercises to reduce snoring. While sitting in a relaxed position, place the thumbs on your ear targus to cover them. The index fingers should be placed on the forehead while the rest of the finders should cover your eyes. Take a deep breath and exhale with a humming sound.

Check the below video on how to perform Bhramari Pranayama Yoga to stop Snoring.

#3 Ujjayi Pranayama Snoring Remedy Yoga:

It is also referred to as hissing breath yoga pose and is a superb yoga exercise for reducing snores. The lung capacity is increased as well as the throat blockage is removed through Ujjayi Pranayama. For this yoga pose, you have to sit in the Easy Pose or “Sukha Asana” or the “Padma Asana” or Lotus Pose. Deep breathing while keeping your eyes closed allows your body to calm down. Then, through the nostrils, inhale with force, letting the throat and neck muscles to contract. It causes a low throbbing sound. At this point, close one of the nostrils with your fingers and exhale through the open nostril. Then repeat the same process with the other nostril.

Check out below video for Ujjayi Pranayama, effective Snoring Remedy Yoga.

#4 OM chanting Yoga for Snoring:

Another efficient yoga exercise for reducing snores is the chanting of OM. This is a universal mantra; works wonders irrespective of your expertise to gain its full benefits. It can be performed by sitting in different poses like “Padmasana”, “Sukhasana” or “Artha Siddhasana”. Place the hands on thighs, the palms should be kept upward face and eyes should be closed. The Yoga Mudra is to be held in both hands. Slow inhalation of air that lets your lungs fill up, then exhalation while chanting AUM allows you to focus on your breath deeply.

Watch below video for OM Chanting Yoga to treat snoring.

#5 Simha Garjana Yoga for Snoring:

This yoga pose is also known as “Roaring pose” and is performed by sitting on the floor with your legs crossed under your body, while your hips rest on the heels of your feet. The thighs should be spread wide and palms should be placed on the floor. The fingers should be pointing inward and wrists outward. While leaning forward and tilting the head back, you have to inhale deeply. Then exhale slowly by extending your tongue out as well. This yoga pose is immensely beneficial for snoring reduction.

View below video to learn Simha Garjana Yoga to cure snoring.

The above mentioned yoga exercises will certainly decrease snoring and make your body healthier and stronger.

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