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Type:Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD)
Clinical studies:Yes
FDA:Designated a class II medical device by the FDA
Price:$50.95 for single piece*, 2 pieces for $84.96* ($ 42.48 per piece)
(*Use Code SAVE15 for 15% discount)
Money back:Yes, 60 days
Company name:The Snore Reliever Company LLC
Business address:

347 5th Ave. Suite 1402-148, New York, NY 10016
BBB accredited:Not Accredited
BBB rating
(A to F):
Not Applicable, since no accredition
Scam complaints:No
WarrantyYes, 1 year

VitalSleep is my go-to Snoring Aid, simply because it is unbeatable in its comfort. VitalSleep uses 3 steps to ensure you have a mouthpiece that fits you like a glove, causes minimum friction and pain and serves its purpose. Many snorers have written to me about the poor fit they have to endure with other mouthguards, but with VitalSleep I have had no fit complaints at all. So, let us dive into Vital Sleep Mouthpiece Review and know more.

Pros (Advantages) of VitalSleep

  • The materials used are thermoplastic which is BPA-free and latex-free.
  • There are two available sizes, Regular for men and small recommended for women
  • It offers unmatched customization via a 3 pronged approach of differing sizes, boil and bite feature and a micro-adjustment option.
  • It is made in the USA.
  • There is a 30-day money back guarantee + a 1-year warranty if needed replacements.
  • It can still be worn by people with partial dentures.
  • It is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • Its breathing hole enables you to breathe through your mouth. Most MAD force you to breathe through your nose.
  • It allows side-to-side mobility to prevent lower jaw and teeth strain.

Cons (Drawbacks) of VitalSleep

  • The design frame is not moulded in the teeth but around the gum line.
  • It must be thoroughly cleaned after every use.

Who is VitalSleep Snoring Aid good for?

If you have tried other MAD and found no success with the fit, then Vital Sleep is the one for you. Unless you wish to visit a dentist and spend a fortune on a customized snoring aid, Vital Sleep is what you need. It has amazing customization options allowing you the perfect fit.

If you have deviated septum, nasal polyps, nose injuries, or any other situation that makes it difficult for you to breathe through the nose, then Vital Sleep will work well for you. Unlike most MAD devices that force you to breathe through your nose, Vital Sleep comes with an air hole that allows you to breathe naturally through your mouth if required.

Who should not use VitalSleep?

If you wear full dentures VitalSleep won’t work for you. Also if you are looking for a low maintenance average fit MAD device then Vital Sleep is not for you. It requires thorough cleaning daily, so it is high maintenance when compared to other MAD.

Doctors recommend people with severe respiratory disorders, asthma, TMJ pain, central sleep apnea, advanced periodontal disease, and loose teeth to not use MAD.

Important Features of VitalSleep:

There are approximately a hundred kinds of snoring mouthpiece on the market, but I highly recommend VitalSleep. Why? It is because it has two different sizes and an adjustment feature. There are people who complain how it is uncomfortable to use these kinds of devices. But, if I will be able to adjust it perfectly around my jaw, there would be no problems.

VitalSleep can be adjusted up to 7 millimetres between the lower and upper trays. The adjustments can be done through the hex screws side by side. This is a standout compared to other snoring mouthpieces. The boil and bite mechanism ensures that your VitalSleep mouthpiece if moulded perfectly into your jaw shape. However, jaw shape is one thing and how you like to hold your jaw when sleeping is altogether another thing. Keeping this in mind VitalSleep offers the adjustment feature. Allowing you to really fine tune the mouthpiece for the most comfortable fit ever.

Background and credibility of VitalSleep Snoring Aid

As it is stated in the pros of the device, VitalSleep is approved by the Food and Drug Administration or FDA. They have already checked the ingredients used. It is BPA free, which means that the plastic used is not harmful to our health.

Also if you check online for VitalSleep review you will find almost all positive comments! Aside from the quality, there is also a free replacement after one year. It easily wears out because people who snore tend to grind their teeth too, which can damage the device. That’s so convenient for us, right?

How is VitalSleep different from other Snoring Aid?

VitalSleep has an outstanding level of customization. Aside from its sizes, it can also be customized through the boil-and-bite technology and micro-adjustment. When choosing the best snoring mouthpiece, the first priority should be the level of comfort when wearing it. This device is used during sleep, which is approximately eight hours. The last thing that we should experience is the discomfort of wearing something that does not fit our jaws.

The boil-and-bite technology may sound scary, but it would really help in adjusting and customizing the device. It doesn’t even take five minutes! Another good thing about VitalSleep is that it allows us to breathe through our mouth, not on our nose. So, even if we have nose polyps, deviated septum, or nose injuries, we can still use this while asleep.

Vital Sleep Review

VitalSleep is the only mouthpiece of the market that has micro adjustments possible up to 7mm!

How to adjust VitalSleep Snoring Aid:

  1. Boil water and put the device for about 10 seconds.
  2. Cool it in 10 seconds then put it in your mouth and bite.
  3. Dip it in cold water until the device becomes firm.
  4. Adjust using the hex screws to the desired position.

If you would consider the bonus features of VitalSleep compared to other snoring aids, you might think that it would be expensive. But it is just $59.95!!. There’s also a 30-day money back guarantee, so no worries! This is a good deal already compared to other jaw retaining mouthpiece devices.

My Experience about VitalSleep Snoring Aid

Casey was really apprehensive to try VitalSleep because of the boil and bite feature. He was worried about it being too hot, burning his mouth of what if he got it wrong and ruined the piece (money down the drain). I managed to get him to give it a try after a lot of persuasions.

Surprisingly the boil and bite part was very simple and quick. After dropping the mouthpiece in boiling water, we removed it and allowed it to cool for 10 seconds, which made it lukewarm and comfortable to handle. Casey did say it felt warm in his mouth when he bite into it, but it was bearable. Next up we cooled it in chilled water. And there it was ready to go.

Initially we decided to try it without any adjustments to see the fit. 1st night I slept peacefully, no snoring, however, Casey reported some jaw soreness in the morning. So that day he did some adjustments with the hex tool and 2nd night was snore free for me as well as comfortable for Casey too. He said this was by far one of the most comfortable MAD he has used. The micro adjustments really did it for him.

However, his grouse was with two things, the cleaning and the hex tool. He said he is very likely to lose the hex tool because it is so tiny. Maybe VitalSleep guys should make a holding case for the MAD and the hex tool both so the two can be kept together. Also, the cleaning was tiresome for Casey. It took 5-7 minutes to get the device properly cleaned, with a brush. Due to its many crevices, thorough cleaning is required, so that’s time consuming every morning. Also once a week cleaning it with a cleaning tablet is a must.

VitalSleep may not be perfect for everyone, but there’s no harm in trying. You might find it scary and uncomfortable to use, but it could work well in the end. It all depends on the person who will use it. Another thing, you can guarantee a 30-day money back! With this, you won’t have problems giving it back if it won’t work well with you.

Conclusion of VitalSleep Mouthpiece Review

VitalSleep was introduced with an outstanding design, good features, and affordable price. It is made to fit a lot of your expectations of a snoring aid. It was also designed to provide maximum comfort to future users. The micro-adjustment and boil-and-bite technology features were excellent too! It provides options for the sizes. And it also has benefits like free replacement after one year and 30-day money back guarantee.

VitalSleep gets a big thumbs up from us, give it a try.

Guaranteed to Treat Snoring

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