My Snoring Solution Review

When I came across My Snoring Solution it immediately fascinated me. I have only tried MAD so far, and I never knew that non-intrusive options existed for snoring. So I ordered this right away for Casey to test it out. For a piece of cloth it sure looked expensive but...
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SnoreRX Snoring Aid – Product Review

SnoreRX is an effective device to reduce your snoring problems. It worked for my husband, and I think you’ll benefit too. To treat my husband’s snoring, our doctor recommended that he immediately make drastic changes in his lifestyle – ceasing alcohol-intake was top...
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Pure Sleep Snoring Aid – Product Review

Hi guys. Since neither I nor Casey have tried Pure Sleep Snoring Aid, I could not in good faith review this product. However recently my to be co-sister ( Casey’s brother Nike’s fiancee) Julia recently tried Pure Sleep Snoring Aid to help with Nike’s...
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ZYPPAH – Snoring Aid Review

Zyppah is a revolutionary anti-snoring mouthpiece designed by Dr. Jonathan Greenburg to treat snoring and help patients with sleep apnea. There are four (4) Zyppah versions. There’s one version that can be bought online without prescription and another three that need...
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AirSnore Snoring Aid Review

Type:Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) + Nasal Drops Clinical studies:No FDA:Not aproved Price:$49.95 for AirSnore Mouthpiece, $44.95 for AirSnore Nasal Drops. $89.95 for the AirSnore Combo (*Use Code SAVE20 for 20% discount) Money back:Yes, 60 days Company...
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ZQuiet Snoring Aid Review

Type:Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) Clinical studies:Yes FDA:Designated a class II medical device by the FDA Price:$9.95 (trial) + $79.95 Money back:Yes, 30 days (trial period) Company name:Sleeping Well LLC Business address:5247 Shelburne Road Shelburne, VT...
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VitalSleep Review

Type:Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) Clinical studies:Yes FDA:Designated a class II medical device by the FDA Price:$50.95 for single piece*, 2 pieces for $84.96* ($ 42.48 per piece) (*Use Code SAVE15 for 15% discount) Money back:Yes, 60 days Company name:The...
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Snoring is a common problem worldwide.

The worst part is that not only do the snorers suffer, but their spouses, family members and those co-sleeping with them suffer too. While snoring is not a disease, it is far more debilitating than most other diseases. It affects your normal day to day functioning, taking the joy out of your life. If you are a snorer, or stay with a snorer then you must have often wondered if you can do anything to get rid of snoring.

You might have Googled questions like:

  • How to Make Someone stop snoring?
  • Best ways to stop snoring ?
  • How to stop snoring naturally?
  • Which is the best Snoring Solution?
  • Remedies or treatment to Stop Snoring?

We will answer these questions for you! If you look around, there are tons of products in the market aimed at curing/providing relief from snoring. Many of these products do work, some don’t, but the catch is you need to spend money for every product. If your sleep and day to day functioning is seriously being affected by snoring, then you might want to try one of the products for immediate relief.

But: If you have the time and patience, then there are numerous natural remedies/solutions which can work to benefit your snoring problem. These snoring solutions can work standalone, in tandem with each other and also be tried when using any snoring remedial product. The idea is to help you cure/reduce the snoring naturally as far as possible so that you are not dependent on any external product for getting a sound sleep.

So let’s dive in and review all the Natural Snoring Solutions you can try to cure your snoring, with tips too:

#1 Change Sleep Position:

Change Sleep PositionSleeping on back has been found to increase the occurrence of snoring.

This happens because the slack tissues in your upper airway might droop and restrict the airway.

If you are a back snorer, then you can try sleeping on side.

Also elevate you head a few inches by adding an extra pillow under your head.


  • If you want to make someone stop snoring without waking them up. Gently turn them onto their side and wedge some extra pillow under their back to avoid them from turning onto their back again.
  • Slide an extra pillow under their head, so as to elevate their head, this will reduce their snoring sound considerably.

#2 Clear out the sinuses :

neti-potNasal congestion can cause snoring! Yes it can.

When the nose is blocked, the person breathes in through the mouth, thus increasing the chances of snoring. If you suffer from constant nasal congestion then this could be the culprit of your snoring. Consider rinsing the sinuses with saline solution. You can use a Neti Pot for this purpose. (Read more about Neti Pot)

Also: Work on determining the cause of your nasal congestion. It could be allergies, nasal polyps, vasomotor rhinitis or even something simple as overuse of nasal drops. Once identified work on the cause to obtain long term relief from snoring.

Tip to cure Snoring:

  • Nasal irrigation (Neti Pot) is very effective remedy for allergy relief, so is Nettle; and Honey. Try some Home Remedies for Snoring to get relief from snoring.

Home Remedies for Snoring

#3 Keep bedroom air moist :

Keep bedroom air moistWhen the air is excessively dry, nasal tissue gets irritated and consequently swollen.

This can result into snoring. So if your room air is excessively dry, consider adding a humidifier to your room. If humidifier is out of budget for you, then simply keep water in a large container in your room, in the path of breeze. This will help the air pull in more moisture and improve the overall humidity of your room. try this snoring solution.


  • Ideal humidity for your house should be between 40-50%. In winter months you might need to lower this to avoid condensation.
  • You can hang wet towels onto windows to add humidity to the air flowing in

#4 Lose weight :

Lose weightLean as well as overweight both type of people snore. So weight is not definitely linked to snoring.


Overweight/obese people have found significant relief in snoring by shedding the excess pounds. Excess weight causes muscles to slacken due to overloading; this can increase chances of snoring. So if you think weight might be your problem, hit the gym and get some sweat going. It will benefit not only your snoring, but your overall health too.


  • If you happen to be carrying excess weight around your neck, then do consider some throat and neck exercises to help tone your muscles, which will in turn alleviate your snoring.
  • Learn to play wind based musical instruments to exercise your throat muscles and strengthen them.

#5 Avoid alcohol :

Avoid alcoholAlcohol is a muscle relaxant, along with all other muscles; it relaxes your throat muscles too.

This not only increases the chances of snoring ( for non-snorers) , but also worsens the snoring ( for existant snorers) so one must stop consumption of alcohol. For best results cut out alcohol from your diet entirely. If you can’t do that then have your last beer 3 hours before bedtime and keep the drinking light. This will allow your body enough time to start synthesizing the alcohol and moving it out of your system.


  • When you cant avoid alcohol before bedtime, switch over to the beverage with least alcohol content. Hard liquor has most alcohol, wine lesser and beer least.
How Alcohol Affects Snoring

#6 Change Pillow :

change PillowThere are 2 reasons for doing this.

1st being hygiene.  ( Like you needed us to tell that! ) Various studies have found that numerous allergens (allergy causing agents) like dust, mites, parasites, pet dander etc. reside in pillow and bed linen.Allergy can cause congestion and resultant snoring.

So if this might be the cause of your snoring, then change your pillow and bed linen. Throw out the old ones and brig in new ones to keep the allergens to minimum and consequently reduce your snoring.

2nd reason to change pillow is your posture during sleeping.

Sleeping on side, elevating your head, etc. have found to benefit snoring. To aid you in maintaining this posture during nighttime, certain specialized pillows are sold in market. You can try them.

But: Beware that you are highly unlikely to remain in a fixed position the entire night. So unless you can stick to a particular position the entire night, you might find the pillows are not very effective remedy.


  • To ensure that you sleep on your side throughout the night, take a spare shirt, put 2 tennis balls in it. Now stuff this spare shirt under your nightdress onto your back. Whenever you are tempted to roll over onto your back during sleep the tennis balls digging in your back will ensure you stay on you side only.
  • Tennis balls are also a effective method to stop someone from snoring without waking them up.

Bed Causes Snoring

#7 Check for allergies :

Check for allergiesAllergies are one of the most common undiagnosed causes of snoring.

Allergies cause nasal congestion, which leads to blocked airway and consequent snoring. If you have almost constant nasal congestion, then make sure to get yourself tested for allergy. Quite often allergies develop later in life. For example, you may not have been allergic to dog hair as a kid, but as an adult this might have changed. So do not make presumption about your allergies.


  • If you suffer from constant allergy, dust can be one of the most likely causes. Consider dusting regularly and keeping doors and windows shut during day when dust pollution is at its highest
  • If you suffer from seasonal allergy, pollen are the most common cause. Avoid bringing flowers into home, keep doors and windows shut in morning when polen count is at its highest.

#8 Stay Hydrated :

Stay HydratedDehydration dries out your nasal passage, making it more prone to irritation and inflammation when breathing.

Dehydration also thickens the mucus in mouth and throat, this can cause the surfaces inside to stick and worsen snoring. Last but not the least, dehydration will make you feel tired and lethargic, and affect your day to day functioning. So top up on the water. Drink throughout the day, and aim to 1 ounce water for every pound of your weight. DO NOT drink large quantity of water right before bedtime. This will hamper your sleep quality as you will be waking up at night for loo breaks.


  • Combine water with an effective home remedy for curing your snoring, by adding a tbsp. of honey to lukewarm water and drinking it before bedtime.
  • Do NOT substitute water with tea or coffee. Tea and coffee both cause diuretic effect and are more likely to cause dehydration than hydration.

#9 Check your medication :

Check your medication Medication that relaxes muscles can worsen the snoring.

Sleep and anxiety medications are known to cause such relaxing effect.There are other medications too that can cause relaxing effect and lead to snoring. If you are on any regular medication, do check with your doctor if any of those might be contributing to your snoring. And if you identify any culprit then try and find an alternative medication which will alleviate your snoring. If you cannot change/alter your medication then, try one of snoring remedy products to help you get better sleep.


  • Chamomila Tea, is a very effective home remedy for anxiety and as a bonus it also helps with snoring. Do try it if you are using anxiety medication.
  • Try lifestyle changes and yoga exercises to improve your overall health and cut down on medications as far as possible.

#10 Quit Smoking :

Quit SmokingIf you are a smoker, there is ample evidence to get you to quit. However if you need some more motivation to kick the butt then your snoring might be it. Smoking irritates the membrane of your throat and nose, thus increases the chances of them swelling and resulting in snoring. Snorers who quit smoking have reported significant relief in their snoring and consequent improvement in the quality of their sleep.


  • Nicotine withdrawal symptoms can make quitting difficult. Combat this with water. Drinking water will help cleanse your system of toxins, reduce the withdrawal symptom and also keep you hydrated thus reducing your chances of snoring.
  • Ginger is excellent for combating nausea caused due to nicotine withdrawal, Ginger is also excellent remedy for snoring. So make some ginger tea and combat both nausea and snoring in 1 go.

#11 Learn to play Didgeridoo :

Learn to play DidgeridooDidgeridoo is a wind based musical instrument native to Australian tribal.

You might wonder how it can help your snoring? Playing wind instruments requires strong throat muscles. So when you learn to play didgeridoo you will be strengthening your throat muscles. Which will help you cure/reduce snoring caused due to slackening of throat muscles.

However: learning to play Didgeridoo is not all, you need to learn Circular Breathing: Circular breathing is a technique used by wind instrument players, so as to maintain constant exhalation and keep playing continuously for longer duration.Circular breathing helps strengthen throat muscles considerably, thus eliminating the slackening problem and curing snoring. So get yourself a Didgeridoo, which will not only help strengthen your throat muscles but also allow you to enjoy the process by making music and learning new skill.


  • When in shower fill water in your mouth and push it out with your cheeks while simultaneously breathing in through your nose. This is one way to practice circular breathing.
  • Learn to play under guidance of a professional so as to get maximum benefit out of it.
Yoga Exercises to help Reduce Snoring

Apart from these Natural Methods, you can also try some home remedies to help provide relief from snoring. We have collected a list of 20 most effective home remedies that can help you with snoring. You can use these remedies in conjunction with these natural methods in order to gain more effective relief from snoring. You can also check out other snoring reviews available to try anti snoring any devices.

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