Reasons / Causes of Snoring

Why do i snore ? this is a question every snorer must have asked himself or herself, what caused me to snore? Narrowing down the causes of your snoring can help manage it better. Snoring can be caused due to multiple reasons, and pinpointing the reason for your snoring is simpler than you think. once you find the cause for your snoring, you can try these home remedies to prevent snoring.

Snoring can originate from the Mouth, Nose or Throat.

Let’s see how to identify where your snoring originates from. All these tests require help of a willing accomplice, since the test can be conducted only when you are snoring and that means you are already asleep, so doing self-testing is not possible.

So read the tests, print them out and hand them over to your partner and then hit the bed to generate some snores 🙂

causes of snoring

Causes of Snoring No 1 – Mouth 

There can be two types of snoring that originate from mouth.

1. Open mouth snoring – This type of snoring sounds is generated because the snorer is breathing through his/her mouth instead of nose.

Test – Once you are snoring, ask your partner to check if your mouth is open and if it is then to gently push your lower jaw upwards, thereby shutting your mouth. Now monitor for the snoring again. If the sound is not produced anymore – Bingo you have found your type. If the snoring still continues move on to the next test.

Solution – Use devices to keep your mouth shut during the night, thus eliminating / minimizing the chances of your snoring.

2. Tongue based snoring – In this case snoring occurs because the tongue falls back into the back of the throat affecting blocking the airway. Since the airway is blocked, when you breathe in, the tongue is continuously pushed back and forth thus generating the sound.

Test – Stick out your tongue as far as possible and hold it between your teeth. If this reduces the sound of snoring then you are a tongue based snorer.

Solution – Sleep on your side, this should help with mild snoring. If you are a heavy snorer you might want to consider a Mandibular Advancement Device to move your jaw and tongue forward as you sleep and help reduce the snoring.

Causes of Snoring No 2 – Nose

Two types of snoring can arise from the nose

1. Nasal Collapse – This happens because the nostrils collapse causing the airway to be blocked, thus producing sound, when you breathe forcing air through the collapsed nostrils.

Test – When snoring, get your partner to press one side of your nose closed and also hold your mouth shut. This will force you to breathe in through your other nostril. Your partner needs to monitor if the nostril collapses. If it does you know you are a nose snorer. If not move ahead

Solution – Using nasal dilation strips or any other form of dilator

2. Nasal Congestion – Its simple, your nose is blocked due to congestion. Since it’s blocked, air is forced through a narrow passage into your nose or total blockage might be forcing you to breathe through mouth thus causing the snoring.

Test – When snoring, your partner should hold your one nostril close and also hold your mouth shut. If this prevents you from breathing (your partner should monitor you closely for discomfort) then congestion is your problem. Many people assume that if they don’t have overt symptoms of cold then they can’t have congestion. But this is not so. When you are awake mucus keeps getting drained from the nasal and other passages due to gravity; and hence you might not experience any congestion doing day. However when asleep due to supine position gravity cannot help in the drainage. This is when if excess mucus is being produced due to any reason, congestion is most likely to show up.

Solution – Determine the cause of your congestion. Most common causes are allergies, chronic sinusitis, and smoking. Also some medication can cause congestion. Work with your doctor to determine and solve the cause of your nasal congestion.

Causes of Snoring No 3 – Throat

Fluttering of the Palate – There’s a soft tissue lining the roof your mouth, this is called as palate. If this tissue vibrates due to any reason, it can produce snoring sound.

Test – There is no test to determine this type of snoring. However if none of the above test proved successful for you, then you can safely assume that the cause of your snoring might be a fluttering/vibrating palate.

Solution – This requires help of a specialized doctor and might require some invasive treatments.

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