SnoreRX is an effective device to reduce your snoring problems. It worked for my husband, and I think you’ll benefit too.

To treat my husband’s snoring, our doctor recommended that he immediately make drastic changes in his lifestyle – ceasing alcohol-intake was top of the order, alongwith yoga exercises and throat exercises. He also recommended sleeping on side for my husband. This was tough to implement because Casey loves to sleep on back, and has always been a back sleeper. I stuffed tennis balls and whatnot in his shirt to keep him on his side through the night! But what helped Casey best was SnoreRX. So let’s have a look at SnoreRx and what it can do.

Pros & Cons

This product possesses high quality and practicality. Just to be fair, let me point out its positives and negatives. These can help you see the device’s potentials so you can decide wisely. I’ve listed down its pros and cons below.

Pros (Advantages) of SnoreRx Snoring Aid

    • SnoreRX has been proven to help lower snoring problems over time. I can attest that using this device rather than getting surgery is more practical, viable, and painless.
    • The device is comfortable because it is customizable. It is easily adjustable, especially when you feel a little discomfort. The procedure only takes a few minutes.
    • SnoreRX can be adjusted in increments of just about a millimeter for your advantage and comfort.
    • It can always be reset anytime you like for as long as you think you are not comfortable or it is not attaining the best results.
    • To get into the ‘boil and bite’ process of setting up, simply boil a cup of water in the microwave. Put SnoreRX into it for 90 seconds, then transfer to another cup of room-temperature water for about 3 seconds. Upon removal from the cup of water, firmly bite into the oral device so as to create your dental impression. By then, the device is ready to be used.

Cons (Drawbacks) of SnoreRx Snoring Aid

  • There are special medical or dental conditions that may prevent this device from trimming down your snoring problem.
  • Meanwhile, Mayo Clinic identified possible side effects like excessive salivation, jaw pain, facial discomfort, and dry mouth.
  • One thing that I don’t like about buying and using SnoreRX is that Medicare and other health insurance do not cover this condition. Most insurers do not consider snoring as a pressing medical issue (something our healthcare bill makers should seriously consider).

 Who is SnoreRx Snoring Aid good for?

SnoreRX is a mandibular advancement device (MAD) that is designed for people like us, who are suffering from obstructive sleep apnea wherein implants and surgical procedures are not yet urgently required.

It’s easy to operate and works by manually advancing your lower jaw forward as we sleep. The idea is to open our airways while we are asleep, to improve breathing and prevent unnecessary obstruction in air passage during our critical unconscious state.

But it is imperative to seek advice from your dentist if you decide to try it for yourself. A regular visit of every 6 months during the first year of use, and at least once every year thereafter is recommended, too.

Who should not use SnoreRx Snoring Aid?

Before using SnoreRX or other similar devices, it is best to first consult with a doctor or a dentist. Although I can personally attest that the mouthpiece is a proven effective tool to help curb unnecessary snoring while sleeping, there is also a risk involved, specifically for those who are suffering from a condition called temporomandibular disorder (TMD).

According to Web MD and the National Health Service-UK , this disorder affects the muscles in the joints (between your lower jaw and your skull base) that are practically used for chewing. Though TMD is not usually severe or serious, its symptoms can bring about pain, cause jaw joint popping or clicking, and/or lead to difficulty in eating or even talking. It affects about 30% of adults and its manifestations may last a few months before total recovery is achieved.

Needless to say, SnoreRX and similar devices can possibly make the pain brought about by TMD worse. This is because when the mouthpiece is in use, the jaw is forced forward, which can lead to shifting of position of tooth and to added pressure to the muscles in jaw joints. In some cases, the discomfort of using MAD mouthpieces last several days even after a person quits using it.

Take note that SnoreRX is not and should not be used as treatment to sleep apnea. It only controls or regulates breathing to lower obstruction and snoring. The best option is to regularly consult your doctor for proper monitoring and management of the condition.

Likewise, it should not be used by people who wear dentures or tooth bridges, those who wear braces or retainers, or those who have had teeth implants in the last 12 months for the obvious reason that SnoreRX and other MAD mouthpieces require stable teeth to hold on to. Imagine my relief when I didn’t have to worry that!

Features of the ZQuiet Snoring Aid

There are three core features to look for when considering the use of any anti-snore device—medical standards compliance, custom impression, and adjustability. SnoreRX has all these!

  1. For compliance to medical standards, The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine declares SnoreRX as safe and effective for decreasing snoring incidences.
  2. It is even recognized and cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration as a device for reducing snoring. The agency also pointed out that SnoreRX is made of reliable and safe components that are at the same time hypoallergenic.
  3. Because of its customizable impression, maximum comfort is ensured.
  4. The device can facilitate full and comfortable breathing as you fall deep into sleep through its open front that allows full airflow, thanks to its V-Flow design. We never need to worry about any obstruction to our breathing.

Background and Credibility of SnoreRx Snoring Aid

SnoreRX is a product designed and manufactured in the US, where there are stringent policies about medical or dental devices. We are assured that the authorities have carefully and thoroughly checked the instrument for overall safety and effectiveness before those got the go-signal to be distributed in the market.

Also take as an assurance that SnoreRX’s design and built uses thermal matrix materials that facilitate personalization through its custom impression feature. This way, we know that the device we are using is best customized for our own use. We can even make adjustments up to five times during the total lifespan of the device of more than six months to about two years.

How is ZQuiet Snoring Aid different?

SnoreRX is different from all similar devices in the market because aside from the three main and basic features described above, it also comes with other advanced factors. First, its design does not use screws, rods, springs, and rubber bands that may drop anytime and cause an awkward medical emergency. Second, it ensures maximum flow of oxygen into the air passage while you sleep, thanks to its open front.

The micro-fit feature gives way for precise calibration of fit for overall comfort of user. Calibrator is easy to read and provides clearer gauge of the jaw adjustment for the device. Its posi-lock enables a user to unlock and then reset the new setting anytime. And lastly, its thermal fit provides custom fit through copolymer cushions.

User Experience of ZQuiet Snoring Aid

Based on the internal audit review from internal audit review from 2012 to 2015 for SnoreRX , more than 90% of the users have reported ideal results. According to them, SnoreRX helped them achieve better sleep, without any unnecessary disturbance that is usually brought about by blocking of airway in the throat. I would definitely agree!


Overall, SnoreRX is a highly recommended mandibular advancement device that could help you safely and gradually trim down your snoring problem through opening your airways while you are into deep sleep. It works best when used correctly and with proper guidance from our dentist or doctor.

Don’t just take my word for it, give it a try now!



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