Hi guys. Since neither I nor Casey have tried Pure Sleep Snoring Aid, I could not in good faith review this product. However recently my to be co-sister ( Casey’s brother Nike’s fiancee) Julia recently tried Pure Sleep Snoring Aid to help with Nike’s Snoring! Looks like Snoring runs in the family huh! Since Julia  was extremely happy with Pure Sleep’s effectiveness, I requested her to review it for all of us here.

So here’s handing over the page to Julia:

Pure Sleep Snoring Aid is an effective mouthpiece device to help stop snoring. It helped save my relationship and I’ll tell you how.

When my fiance (Nike) and I decided to move in together, I knew I had to make some adjustments. What I didn’t realize was how big of an adjustment it would be. Our first night together, I discovered how loudly he snores. The bedroom resonates with the sound of his snores, and I didn’t get any sleep at all.

I tried making him sleep on his side. he would stop snoring for a couple of hours but afterwards, he would start snoring again. That was our pattern over the next several months. I couldn’t sleep properly, so I started sleeping on the couch in the living room. Needless to say, it caused some tension between us until one of my girlfriends told me about Pure Sleep Snoring Aid.

When Nike tried it on the first night, it was the most blissful night I’ve had since we moved in together. Let me tell you more about Pure Sleep and what it did for Nike and me.

Pros & Cons

Let me start by showing you the advantages and disadvantages of using Pure Sleep.

Pros (Advantages) of Pure Sleep Snoring Aid

  • Pure Sleep is US FDA approved
  • Dentists recommend the use of PureSleep
  • PureSleep is customizable to fit your teeth
  • The materials used on PureSleep is made from BPA plastic and latex free
  • Pure Sleep is made in the USA. All its materials are sourced in the USA
  • Pure Sleep has air holes so you can breathe through your mouth
  • Pure Sleep is durable. It can last up to 12 months

Cons (Drawbacks) of PureSleep Snoring Aid

  • You can only set its shape once; once it hardens you cannot re-shape it anymore.
  • If you are wearing full dentures or if you have loose teeth, you can’t use the device
  • Pure Sleep could cause drooling and soreness on your jaw during the first few days of use
  • Comes in two pieces so there are more crevices that can harbor bacteria.
  • Nike did find it annoying to answer the questionnaires before he was allowed to buy the product.

Who is PureSleep Snoring Aid good for?

I wasn’t sure if PureSleep would be safe. It’s a mandibular repositioning device, and I was worried how it would affect Nike. However, my worries are needless. PureSleep was completely safe to use and did not cause Nike any discomfort at all. The device has air holes that make breathing easy, and it also moves the lower jaw forward to allow air to move without obstruction.

Who should not use Zyppah Snoring Aid?

Nike was a bit worried because PureSleep requires a prescription, he felt that it might have some adverse side effects, so we consulted with our doctor just to make sure that he can safely use PureSleep. According to our doctor, mandibular devices have always been an effective long-term treatment for snoring and mild-moderate obstructive sleep apnea, and as far as he knows, there are no known complications associated with their use.

However, our doctor did tell us that people suffering from central sleep apnea, or were diagnosed with an illness related to temporomandibular joint should not use PureSleep or another mandibular device.

To use PureSleep, you should not have dentures, loose teeth, bleeding gums or mouth sores or suffer from any respiratory problems like asthma and emphysema.

Since Nike is not suffering from this illness, we asked our physician to give him a prescription.

Features of the PureSleep Snoring Aid

There are four basic elements that make PureSleep Snoring Aid stand out against another similar mandibular repositioning device.

  • It’s easy to use. The device is a two piece set that you can join together using the boil-and-bite technique. This allows you to get a customized fit for your teeth in less than a minute.
  • It has been cleared by US FDA to reduce snoring because the custom mold device holds the jaw slightly forward allowing you to breathe seamlessly while you sleep.
  • It is made in the USA and the materials are sourced in the USA and not overseas. Locally sourced materials give the assurance of quality compared to some unknown overseas brands The device is made of two high-quality plastic types, hard plastic outside and soft plastic inside.
  • PureSleep is co-invented by a dentist and an Ear, Eyes, Nose, and Throat (EENT) specialist. It has been used clinically for over 15 years as a treatment for snoring.

Background and Credibility of PureSleep Snoring Aid

I was a bit hesitant to for my man to use the device so I tried to find out more about the product. PureSleep is made in the USA, and using materials sourced in the USA. It is made of resins that are latex-free and biocompatibility-tested.

PureSleep is certified by the US FDA to reduce snoring among adults. Their factory is regularly inspected by the FDA to ensure that they are conforming to its strict standards. And as if that is not enough to reassure me, PureSleep was invented by a dentist who also has a snoring problem. This convinced me that PureSleep was made by someone who knows and understand the problem

PureSleep has a “try it before you buy it” policy, completely assuring me that they are that confident of the quality and effectiveness of their product.

How is PureSleep Snoring Aid different?

Nike is very athletic and often goes to the gym to box. When I first saw PureSleep, I thought that it looked like his mouthguard but I couldn’t be more wrong. PureSleep utilizes a patented technology that combines a hard plastic outer shell and soft plastic inside giving it a more sturdy structure.

Another thing that makes PureSleep from a regular athletic mouthguard is its design. Puresleep is designed to hold your lower jaw forward to keep the air passage open during sleep, while an athletic mouthguard keeps your mouth closed and covers the entire surface of the teeth.

Other than the features I described to you above, PureSleep is biocompatibility tested, its materials have no BPA added, and has the most affordable price compared with similar mandibular repositioning device.

User Experience of PureSleep Snoring Aid

Based on Amazon customer review, more than 59% of people who bought PureSleep Snoring Aid said the device worked for them. It helps treat their snoring problem and mild constructive apnea. About 40% of a total number of satisfied customers gave the product a rating of five stars. These people find that the product works and it reduces snoring significantly.

I totally agree with them. Before Nike tried PureSleep, his snoring was really bad and it was driving me up the wall. I would often get up in the middle of the night and sleep outside on the couch to get some sleep. This irked him a lot because he likes to cuddle. He hates waking up to find the bedside empty. I didn’t want to leave but if I don’t get any sleep, I won’t be able to go to work.

He was a bit hesitant to try the device. He said he’s done every solution possible to cure his snoring. He also mentioned using a similar mandibular repositioning device but it didn’t work. I tried to convince him to try another mandibular device one more time. He probably wouldn’t have agreed if he didn’t love me so much. We visited a physician to get a professional opinion.

After he tried PureSleep, I waited for the usual sound to resonate but miraculously, there was none. It was the first night in many weeks that he did not wake up in an empty bed. Now, cuddling up together has become a favorite habit.


PureSleep is an effective aid for snoring problems. If you or any of your loved ones have a snoring problem, I highly recommend that you try PureSleep. However, it is still best to consult your doctor before you try anything, but PureSleep is safe to use as a mandibular repositioning device to treat snoring.


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