I have mentioned how snoring nearly ruined my marriage, probably more than once on this blog. So my question to you is, if replacing your mattress was all it took to save your marriage or relationship, would you get a new one? Of course, you would. Our loved ones are worth far more than a little expense like a new mattress.

This doesn’t mean that a new mattress will suddenly stop your spouse from snoring without the help of other natural remedies, but it’s worth taking a look at all the different styles of mattresses available and investigate which one would be the best to help battle the snoring.

Snoring can be caused by one or more of the following things; the anatomy of your mouth, nasal issues, lack of sleep, how you lay when you sleep, drinking alcohol, and sleep apnea. So it stands to reason that a good mattress, especially when considering sleep position and its role in snoring, could lend a helping hand in this war against snoring.

The only way to do this, uncover each mattress style at a time and compare their pros and cons in the not-so-wonderful world of snoring.

Memory Foam Mattress

This type of mattress molds to your body when you lay down. It conforms to the shape of your body, which is great for anyone who sleeps on their side. Memory foam mattresses are being purchased more and more. The layers that make up a memory foam mattress work together to create this forming bed, which is easiest on pressure points including your hips and shoulders.

One of the best positions you can sleep in to fight the snoring is on your side. This is why the memory foam makes a great mattress for snoring. If you need to switch from your back, a horrible position for snoring, to your side, you’ll be happy with a Tempurpedic mattress, which you can read about in this review front thesleepjudge.com.

Memory foam can get warmer than an innerspring mattress so that could be a downside but, if it means you won’t have pain in those areas because you are sleeping on a more comfortable mattress, it may be worth getting a fan or a cooling pillow. An added bonus for this mattress is that if you or your partner toss around at night, the other occupant won’t be disturbed by the movement due to the great motion transfer of a memory foam.

Innerspring Mattress

Otherwise known and coil mattresses, this type is the most popular mattress. It is constructed of springs that are encased individually, which keeps them in the mattress opposed to popping out. They last for many years and many of them come with memory foam or pillow tops. There is a lot of options for the mattress shopper with innerspring.

Yet, when it comes to snoring, I am not so sure the innerspring would be the best choice. When shopping for an innerspring you need to make sure the comfort level you get is best for sleeping on your side, since that is still the sleep position you want to focus on to stop your partner from snoring.

The wrong firmness could end up causing you a great deal of pain in those pressure points I spoke of earlier. Head out to a local mattress store and start trying them out. Get to know the firmness and the styles. Lay down on your side and see how you and your partner feel. That way you won’t be surprised with a mattress you can’t sleep on.

Latex Mattress

These mattresses tend to be on the firm side but do tend to have an adequate bounce. As for the comfort level, the latex mattress runs alongside the memory foam. Yet, the excessive firmness of a latex mattress might be the thing that makes it a not-so-great mattress for snoring.

It all goes back to the sleep position. If you are a side sleeper or intend to be a side sleeper then those pressure points need to be a high priority when choosing a mattress. These joint pains can disrupt the sleep of the snorer, and we don’t want that either. Sure, I don’t want to hear my husband snore, but I don’t want him to lose sleep either.

Hybrid Mattress

This category of mattress offers the best of both worlds to some. They are typically a combination of innerspring with latex or memory foam. So, while you get the traditional support of the innerspring mattress, the memory foam can ease those pressure points or the latex can add some firmness.

Other Mattresses

Air mattresses, futons, and sofa beds are all other options when it comes to styles of beds but, to be honest, if you have a snoring problem or are trying to help your significant other to stop snoring, these might not offer the comfort you need.


When it comes to the relation of snoring and types of mattresses there is really only one connection; the way you sleep on it. For snorers, the best position to sleep in is on your side, which can cause pain in the hips or shoulders if you don’t have the right support in your mattress.

Check out what needs you have as far as firmness and style when considering sleeping on your side and test out each of these styles. This is the best way to make an informed decision.

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