Snoring can sometimes be attributed to a person’s diet. Since the condition is characterized by the narrowing of the passage of the throat, the process of breathing creates vibrations or snoring. This narrowing of passage can be caused by anything, including the following:

  • Improper tongue position
  • Obesity
  • Oral issues
  • Your diet

Fortunately, it is possible to fix diet-caused snoring just by eating the right foods. Ideally, these are food items that lower the incidence of PG2, which is known to cause the swelling of tissues around the throat. Here are some food choices that have been proven to help with snoring:

Soy Milk 

Soy milk is derived from soy and is a great alternative to cow’s milk. If you’re in the habit of drinking cow milk before going to bed, you may want to change this routine in favor of soy milk. Cow milk can cause swelling of the throat, causing the passage to become narrow, thus, creating snore-like vibrations. Such reaction is allergic in nature, but not so severe that it can cause more serious conditions. Hence, it’s entirely possible that you can drink cow’s milk without suffering from noticeable allergic issues but still experience a slight throat swelling, making you snore at night.

Added to this, studies show that cow’s milk increases the chances of phlegm buildup leading to congestion. Take soy milk for snoring if you often use milk to help you sleep.


Tea holds many benefits, one of which is its ability to reduce your snoring tendency. Although it contains caffeine, the dosage is not enough to make you lose sleep. Hence, it is perfectly OK to drink this before going to bed. In fact, tea has a relaxing effect, which goes all the way to the muscles. This helps the throat soften up, thereby preventing any narrowing that may occur. This results to a giving passage for air and a snore-less sleep.

In addition, hot tea can help clear the passageway by removing phlegm that can block the air. Combined with a bit of lemon, tea works as an excellent natural decongestant.


Honey works as an anti-inflammatory, making it perfect for those who snore due to throat swelling. It is also anti-microbial, which should help with the immune system when taken religiously. When it comes to snoring, honey has been repeatedly tested with positive results each time. In fact, opera singers have been known to take honey in order to further open their airways and create a stronger and more distinct sound.

To enhance its effect, you can combine tea and honey, using the latter as a natural sweetener. You can also take honey as is, which is actually great since the syrup is sweet and delicious.


Turmeric is currently viewed as a type of super food. When added to virtually anything, it can help boost the immune system and even guarantee faster weight loss. Although one can’t vouch for all the benefits allegedly connected to turmeric, studies have confirmed its positive effect for snorers. The distinct taste of the product helps clear away any decongestant that may cause the airways to become narrow.

In addition, turmeric functions as an anti-inflammatory much like honey. Hence, any swelling of the passageway can be eliminated or relieved using this particular product. If you are having hard time finding turmeric however, you may consider its close cousin ginger. Botanically related with each other, ginger works in pretty much the same way by decongesting the throat and reducing any swelling of the passageway.

Ginger however is consumed and prepared like tea. Just boil one inch of ginger in water for a few minutes and drink the resulting concoction. If you are not happy with the taste, you can always add honey into the mix and double the positive effects with regards to snoring.


Onions are great for clearing the sinuses and reducing inflammation of the throat. The only problem with onion is how you consume it. Often added as a spice in food, it can be tough to eat onion as it is in order to limit snoring issues. One good way is to chop it into small pieces to make consumption more palatable. If you happen to love dishes that contain onion, you can add lots of minced onion onto the food so that you can still enjoy while taking a dose of your snoring medicine.

Usually though, onion is the last choice for people who want a natural way to get rid of snoring because it is not exactly easy to administer this medicine. Still, if you enjoy eating onions – then this would be the best solution for your problem.


If you are a fan of red meat, you may want to switch that protein source into fish. Red meat contains lot of saturated fat, causing muscle inflammation, particularly along the nasal passages. Fish therefore works mainly as an excellent alternative to something that could worsen snoring. Of course, you should also remember that some fish types are rich in fatty acids that reduce inflammation. They are known to provide loads of benefits to the body including keeping the muscles in top shape.

Note though that just increasing your intake of fatty acids through supplements is not enough to reduce snoring issues. Although taking this supplement is beneficial for other reasons, the real goal here is to reduce red meat consumption and find a better alternative. Hence, you will still have to limit red meat in your diet even as you take omega 3 fatty acid supplements or increase your fish intake.

Keep in mind though that just switching your diet may not always be enough. Snoring caused by oral issues or obesity can only be stopped by targeting the specific problem causing it. Hence, you will have to see your doctor or lose some weight to enjoy a more peaceful sleep. There are also mouth guards today that can help position the tongue or mouth properly to prevent snoring.

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