A chin strap for Snoring looks like thisanti snoring chin strap

Chin straps made specifically for snoring, are designed in similar manner, with some additional features like broad band, Velcro adjustment etc.

Anti Snoring Chin straps are one of the cheapest and least intrusive solutions for snoring. Their simple design makes them easy to use.

Now you might be wondering: How can it help my Snoring?

Let me answer this question.

Snoring occurs because your jaw drops open, due to which your tongue falls back into your air passage. This partially blocks your air passage.

When you breathe air is forced in through this partially blocked air passage and hence the snoring sound is produced.

Chin strap for snoring work by keeping your jaw in fixed position (shut). This ensures that your tongue, does not fall back onto your air passage when you are asleep. And this translates into lesser chances of you snoring.

Next Question:

Why does my jaw drop open?

To answer this lets look into the process of sleeping. Sleeping can be divided into 5 phases:

Phase 1 You lie down on bed, but are awake and alert
Phase 2 Your brain begins to slow down and you are in a semi – awake state, where you can get easily startled
Phase 3 You slip into a state of drowsiness, or light sleep
Phase 4 You enter into deeper sleep, where your breathing and heart rate slows down and body temperature dips low. This is the non-REM state of sleep, when your brain and entire body is resting
Phase 5 You enter the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) state of sleep. Your brain becomes more active than before, and this is the phase where you will have dreams. To keep you from acting out on these dreams, your muscles get deeply relaxed in this phase.


This is the phase when you are most likely to snore.


Since all your muscles are deeply relaxed, your jaw muscles too get relaxed and as a result your chin drops down, leaving your mouth open. Also your tongue and other mouth tissue get relaxed and fall back onto your air passage thus blocking it and causing the snoring sound as air is forced in through the blocked passage.

Is Anti Snoring Chin Straps effective solution for Snoring?anti snoring chin straps for snoring

The answer is both YES & No. Effectiveness of chin straps as snoring solution depends on what is the cause of your snoring, and where do you snore from (mouth or nose).

Chin strap are an effective anti-snoring solution for you if :

Chin strap is not an effective anti-snoring solution for you if :

  • You snore through nose
  • You suffer from sleep apnea (chin strap alone cannot address your snoring)
  • Your snoring is due to blockage of nose, due to rhinitis, allergy, etc.
  • You suffer from migraine or scalp sensitivity, because the chin strap will be secured around your head, all through the night and will exert slight pressure, which can trigger off your headache.

If you feel chin straps for snoring won’t help you, then do read about other snoring solutions to see which one fits your best. Also read through my home remedies and natural solutions section. Very often implementing home remedies & natural solutions in conjunction with a mechanical snoring relief device provide best help from snoring.

Moving On:

What are the Pro & Cons of a Chin Strap for Snoring

Pro : Chin Strap is the best anti snoring device, because

  • Chin straps are non-intrusive, which makes them completely safe as you are not inserting anything into your body
  • Chin straps for snoring are amongst the simplest anti snoring device. Just strap it over your head and you are good to go. Learning curve is almost nil.
  • Anti snore chin straps start working almost immediately. Within a day or two of suing them you will be able to find substantial relief from snoring.
  • Since majority of people are mouth snorers, anti-snore chin strap are very likely to help cure your snoring

Cons : What makes Anti Snoring Jaw/Chin Straps unattractive

  • Jaw straps make you look funny, and possible unattractive to your partner. So they can put a dampener on your middle of the night cuddles.
  • Anti snoring chin straps wrap can feel uncomfortable to wear, since they are wrapped around your head completely all through the night.
  • With time the strap gets stretched and becomes loose, thus decreasing its effectiveness as an anti snoring device.
  • Since jaw straps are quite obvious and visible when worn, they out your snoring problem to everyone who has a peek of you wearing them. This might/might not be a problem for you, depending on how many people know about your snoring.

Bottom-line is:

Anti snoring chin straps are an excellent snoring solution. If you are not sure of what device to try for your snoring, give these anti snoring jaw straps 1st try. They are safe, easy to use, and their effectiveness is largely documented.

You can pick up an anti snoring chin strap from your local chemist, or even order one online. And you can get one for under 10$, so it’s not highly expensive.

Give it a try. If it doesn’t work for you, read through the other snoring solutions you can opt for.

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