My Snoring Solution Review


When I came across My Snoring Solution it immediately fascinated me. I have only tried MAD so far, and I never knew that non-intrusive options existed for snoring. So I ordered this right away for Casey to test it out. For a piece of cloth it sure looked expensive but I had to try it out to know how effective it was. And I am happy to report it worked! Yes indeed it did.
Now let’s dive into the detailed review of My Snoring Solution

My Snoring Solution is an anti-snoring chinstrap invented by Stephen Matthews, someone who used to suffer from sleep apnea himself. It helps to eliminate snoring by keeping the lower jaw in a forward position to help open up the airways and to keep the tongue away from vibrating against the back of the throat.
My Snoring Solution is available in three flexible sizes and can be purchased online or by calling a live operator.

Pros (Advantages) of My Snoring Solution

  • My Snoring solution is easy to wear as it slips into your head without any trouble, and the slit around the ears helps keep the chinstrap in place.
  • It comes in three sizes: small for people weighing 120 pounds and below, medium for those weighing between 120 and 250 pounds, and large for those weighing above 250 pounds.
  • My Snoring Solution allows users to talk and drink without causing any strain around the jaw area, but nonetheless keeps the mouth comfortably shut during sleep.
  • Other snoring aids would require special handling care, but My Snoring Aid can easily be stored like any piece of clothing and can handle normal wear-and-tear.
  • The product is made of cloth-like fabric which is machine-washable.
  • This product can be shipped worldwide and offers a 90-day money back guarantee.
  • No downtime, as soon as you get it, you can just slip on and hit the sack. Other MAD devices which use the boil-and-bite technique require considerable setup time.
  • Almost 0 maintenance. Unlike MAD devices which require regular cleaning with brush, My Snoring Solution is virtually maintenance free. Just toss it in the washing machine with your clothes and it will be as good as new again.

my snoring solution review

Cons (Disadvantages) of My Snoring Solution

  • For something that’s made of fabric, the price of the My Snoring Solution at around $120, plus shipping and handling fees, certainly feels steep. However they are offering one plus one free currently, so you get 2 My Snoring Solution Chinstrap at the cost of one. A deal worth grabbing while it lasts!
  • The chinstrap keeps the mouth closed, which is not advisable for people who breathe through their mouths because of sinuses and other nasal conditions.
  • This product has not yet been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
  • Messy hairs! This might seem as a strange one, but it comes from the practical experience. The Chinstrap’s portion that slips onto your hair can cause your hairs to get seriously messed up by morning. Casey absolutely hated this part of My Snoring Solution. And if you are women with long hair then it will surely make you cringe in the morning!

Who Is My Snoring Solution Good for?

If you are an open mouth snorer, then My Snoring Solution is the perfect fit for you. It will help keep your mouth shut, so no snoring sound is produced from your mouth.

When I reviewed SnoreX and some other bite and boil snoring aids Casey was clearly uncomfortable and apprehensive of the boil-and-bite technique, and his this apprehension is shared by many snorers across the world. So if you are one of them, who is keen to avoid all the hassle and heat of the boil-and-bite MAD then My Snoring Solution is perfect for you.
If you don’t like the intrusive stuff like tongue retaining devices (TRDs) and mandibular advancement devices (MADs), which may leave your mouth and jaw feeling sore in the morning, My Snoring Solution is what you need. Similarly, if you’ve recently had dental work done, you would want to avoid snoring aids that go into your mouth; thus, My Snoring Solution is the better alternative.

This chinstrap is also good for people who prefer low maintenance snoring aids. MADs and TRDs require proper handling, storage, and sanitary preparation before it can be used. To some, the process can be quite tedious and time-consuming, especially if you’re already tired from all the day’s work. On the other hand, the chinstrap can be stored in drawers, can be easily worn, and only requires washing from time to time.

Who Should Not Use My Snoring Solution?

Some of us tend to sleep with our mouths open – either due to allergies, sinuses, nasal polyps, or other similar conditions. Unfortunately, My Snoring Solution will keep your mouth closed, so it is not recommended for those who breathe through their mouths while sleeping.

For those who often suffer from nasal allergies, the better alternative would be the boil-and-bite mouthpieces.

Features of the My Snoring Solution

My Snoring Solution is classified as a chinstrap or jaw supporter. It is made up of comfortable and flexible fabric that easily fits into your head. It has two slits on the sides that fit around your ears. These slits keep the chinstrap in place despite your tossing and tumbling throughout the night.

The lower strap covers the entirety of the lower jaw, to make sure that it effectively holds the jaw forward while keeping the mouth closed. This position ensures that the soft tissue does not collapse toward the back of the throat and cause a blockage of the airway. The upper strap comfortably goes around the head, so you won’t expect any headache in the morning.

my snoring solution is it good

Background and Credibility of My Snoring Solution

Stephen Matthews came up with My Snoring Solution after he almost died from an episode of obstructive sleep apnea. He was convinced that what would stop his airways from being blocked was a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine, so he was determined to get one later that day. The technician informed him that a prescription is required in order to buy the machine, and in order to obtain that prescription, he had to participate in a polysomnography or sleep study.

The frustration began when the doctor informed him that, on average, a sleep study would take around three months. Thinking that three months of sleepless nights may be too much, he devoted his time studying how he can improve his sleep. He discovered that obstructive sleep apnea was a result of a mechanical failure of the jaw to keep the mouth closed during sleep.
The discovery led him to create a makeshift head wrap with slits around the ear area which was comfortable enough to talk and eat with, but sturdy enough to keep the jaw in place while he sleeps. Thus, My Snoring Solution was born.

For ten years, My Snoring Solution went through evaluation and constant upgrades to ensure that the product remains as a comfortable and effective snoring aid. My Snoring Solution has also been through Clinical Trials for its effectiveness in controlling snoring.

How Is My Snoring Solution different From Other Snoring Aids?

With the abundance of MADs and TRDs on the market, chinstraps are often pushed back on the popularity scale. However, what people don’t know is that these chinstraps offer more comfort than their boil-and-bite counterparts. The following are reasons that make My Snoring Solution stand above other snoring aids:

  1. My Snoring Solution does not require anything to be placed into your mouth while you sleep, so you won’t feel any soreness around the mouth and jaw area in the morning. This soreness is quite common when using mouthpiece snoring aids like MADs and TRDs.
  2. It comfortably keeps the mouth closed while also tilting the lower jaw upward, so the soft tissue does not collapse and block the airways.
  3. The fabric used for this product does not get stained easily and is machine-washable, so cleaning is not a problem.
  4. My Snoring Solution offers a 90-day money back guarantee, so sceptical customers get to try it first before they get credited with the purchase price.
  5. When you purchase this product, you get freebies like the 7 Steps to Sleep Success and The American Medical Review DVD

My Experience of My Snoring Solution

My Snoring Solution instantly appealed to me, because it is non-intrusive. I am not a fan of inserting things into my body, however helpful they may be. So My Snoring Solution was right up my alley.

Ordering was not a problem since you can buy the product online. Customer service representatives are also always available so concerns can easily be voiced out. I ordered it online and the process went smoothly.

My only grouse is that under the 1+1 free offer, they allow you to purchase 2 chinstraps of the same size only. In my case I intended one for my husband Casey and another for his brother they are both built similar so 1 size fit them both. But in case you have more than 1 snorer in the house, and wish to use the 1+1 offer to get 2 different sizes, it’s sadly not possible.
Casey found the chinstrap to be extremely comfortable. The fabric is soft and breathable. It did make him look funny, kind of like a jaw fracture victim 🙂 but hey, if I sleep soundly (without being disturbed by the snoring) I won’t really have to look at him at night so looks are not high concern here.

It was comfortable for Casey to talk and drink water with the strap on, we tried kissing, but that’s a no go. So basically if you are in mood for some romance, ditch the strap, finish the action and then slip it on again for the snooze time.

I did sleep comfortably, not a peep from Casey and the best part Casey too slept well. For the 1st time he had no jaw soreness no pains after trying a snoring aid for the 1st time! He loved My Snoring Solution. His face felt normal, no itching no rashes from the chinstrap. However the love lasted only until Casey hit the bathroom. When he saw what the Chinstrap had done to his hairs, all love was lost. There was a dent in the hairs where the chinstrap went over his hairs, and no amount of coaxing helped the hairs. Finally a shower and a dryer is what made things well again.

To sum it up, My Snoring Solution is very effective. However be ready for a shower every morning after you use it.

benifits of my snoring aid


My Snoring Solution was founded by an OSA sufferer, so you might be tempted to try it out for your OSA. However this is something I wouldn’t recommend. If you have been diagnosed as suffering from OSA, try any snoring aid only after your doctor recommends it. OSA is significantly more life threating condition and should be handled under a doctor’s supervision only.
If you are a snorer, and a mouth snorer at that, then do give My Snoring Solution a try. I loved it, Casey did and many others too. Maybe the hairs will feel a low price to pay for an uninterrupted night of sleep and a soreness free jaw.

Clinical studies:Yes
FDA:Not aproved
Price:Buy one get 1 free at $119.97 ( Shipping and handling extra)
Money back:Yes, 90 days
Company name:My Snoring Solution
Business address:

PO Box 509, Lillian, AL 36549-0509

Not Provided
BBB accredited:Not Accredited
BBB rating
(A to F):
Not Applicable, since no accredition
Scam complaints:Yes
Adjustable:No. But available in 3 different sizes as per weight.
SnoreRX Snoring Aid – Product Review

SnoreRX Snoring Aid – Product Review

SnoreRX is an effective device to reduce your snoring problems. It worked for my husband, and I think you’ll benefit too.

To treat my husband’s snoring, our doctor recommended that he immediately make drastic changes in his lifestyle – ceasing alcohol-intake was top of the order, alongwith yoga exercises and throat exercises. He also recommended sleeping on side for my husband. This was tough to implement because Casey loves to sleep on back, and has always been a back sleeper. I stuffed tennis balls and whatnot in his shirt to keep him on his side through the night! But what helped Casey best was SnoreRX. So let’s have a look at SnoreRx and what it can do.

Pros & Cons

This product possesses high quality and practicality. Just to be fair, let me point out its positives and negatives. These can help you see the device’s potentials so you can decide wisely. I’ve listed down its pros and cons below.

Pros (Advantages) of SnoreRx Snoring Aid

    • SnoreRX has been proven to help lower snoring problems over time. I can attest that using this device rather than getting surgery is more practical, viable, and painless.
    • The device is comfortable because it is customizable. It is easily adjustable, especially when you feel a little discomfort. The procedure only takes a few minutes.
    • SnoreRX can be adjusted in increments of just about a millimeter for your advantage and comfort.
    • It can always be reset anytime you like for as long as you think you are not comfortable or it is not attaining the best results.
    • To get into the ‘boil and bite’ process of setting up, simply boil a cup of water in the microwave. Put SnoreRX into it for 90 seconds, then transfer to another cup of room-temperature water for about 3 seconds. Upon removal from the cup of water, firmly bite into the oral device so as to create your dental impression. By then, the device is ready to be used.

Cons (Drawbacks) of SnoreRx Snoring Aid

  • There are special medical or dental conditions that may prevent this device from trimming down your snoring problem.
  • Meanwhile, Mayo Clinic identified possible side effects like excessive salivation, jaw pain, facial discomfort, and dry mouth.
  • One thing that I don’t like about buying and using SnoreRX is that Medicare and other health insurance do not cover this condition. Most insurers do not consider snoring as a pressing medical issue (something our healthcare bill makers should seriously consider).

 Who is SnoreRx Snoring Aid good for?

SnoreRX is a mandibular advancement device (MAD) that is designed for people like us, who are suffering from obstructive sleep apnea wherein implants and surgical procedures are not yet urgently required.

It’s easy to operate and works by manually advancing your lower jaw forward as we sleep. The idea is to open our airways while we are asleep, to improve breathing and prevent unnecessary obstruction in air passage during our critical unconscious state.

But it is imperative to seek advice from your dentist if you decide to try it for yourself. A regular visit of every 6 months during the first year of use, and at least once every year thereafter is recommended, too.

Who should not use SnoreRx Snoring Aid?

Before using SnoreRX or other similar devices, it is best to first consult with a doctor or a dentist. Although I can personally attest that the mouthpiece is a proven effective tool to help curb unnecessary snoring while sleeping, there is also a risk involved, specifically for those who are suffering from a condition called temporomandibular disorder (TMD).

According to Web MD and the National Health Service-UK , this disorder affects the muscles in the joints (between your lower jaw and your skull base) that are practically used for chewing. Though TMD is not usually severe or serious, its symptoms can bring about pain, cause jaw joint popping or clicking, and/or lead to difficulty in eating or even talking. It affects about 30% of adults and its manifestations may last a few months before total recovery is achieved.

Needless to say, SnoreRX and similar devices can possibly make the pain brought about by TMD worse. This is because when the mouthpiece is in use, the jaw is forced forward, which can lead to shifting of position of tooth and to added pressure to the muscles in jaw joints. In some cases, the discomfort of using MAD mouthpieces last several days even after a person quits using it.

Take note that SnoreRX is not and should not be used as treatment to sleep apnea. It only controls or regulates breathing to lower obstruction and snoring. The best option is to regularly consult your doctor for proper monitoring and management of the condition.

Likewise, it should not be used by people who wear dentures or tooth bridges, those who wear braces or retainers, or those who have had teeth implants in the last 12 months for the obvious reason that SnoreRX and other MAD mouthpieces require stable teeth to hold on to. Imagine my relief when I didn’t have to worry that!

Features of the ZQuiet Snoring Aid

There are three core features to look for when considering the use of any anti-snore device—medical standards compliance, custom impression, and adjustability. SnoreRX has all these!

  1. For compliance to medical standards, The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine declares SnoreRX as safe and effective for decreasing snoring incidences.
  2. It is even recognized and cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration as a device for reducing snoring. The agency also pointed out that SnoreRX is made of reliable and safe components that are at the same time hypoallergenic.
  3. Because of its customizable impression, maximum comfort is ensured.
  4. The device can facilitate full and comfortable breathing as you fall deep into sleep through its open front that allows full airflow, thanks to its V-Flow design. We never need to worry about any obstruction to our breathing.

Background and Credibility of SnoreRx Snoring Aid

SnoreRX is a product designed and manufactured in the US, where there are stringent policies about medical or dental devices. We are assured that the authorities have carefully and thoroughly checked the instrument for overall safety and effectiveness before those got the go-signal to be distributed in the market.

Also take as an assurance that SnoreRX’s design and built uses thermal matrix materials that facilitate personalization through its custom impression feature. This way, we know that the device we are using is best customized for our own use. We can even make adjustments up to five times during the total lifespan of the device of more than six months to about two years.

How is ZQuiet Snoring Aid different?

SnoreRX is different from all similar devices in the market because aside from the three main and basic features described above, it also comes with other advanced factors. First, its design does not use screws, rods, springs, and rubber bands that may drop anytime and cause an awkward medical emergency. Second, it ensures maximum flow of oxygen into the air passage while you sleep, thanks to its open front.

The micro-fit feature gives way for precise calibration of fit for overall comfort of user. Calibrator is easy to read and provides clearer gauge of the jaw adjustment for the device. Its posi-lock enables a user to unlock and then reset the new setting anytime. And lastly, its thermal fit provides custom fit through copolymer cushions.

User Experience of ZQuiet Snoring Aid

Based on the internal audit review from internal audit review from 2012 to 2015 for SnoreRX , more than 90% of the users have reported ideal results. According to them, SnoreRX helped them achieve better sleep, without any unnecessary disturbance that is usually brought about by blocking of airway in the throat. I would definitely agree!


Overall, SnoreRX is a highly recommended mandibular advancement device that could help you safely and gradually trim down your snoring problem through opening your airways while you are into deep sleep. It works best when used correctly and with proper guidance from our dentist or doctor.

Don’t just take my word for it, give it a try now!



Pure Sleep Snoring Aid – Product Review

Pure Sleep Snoring Aid – Product Review

Hi guys. Since neither I nor Casey have tried Pure Sleep Snoring Aid, I could not in good faith review this product. However recently my to be co-sister ( Casey’s brother Nike’s fiancee) Julia recently tried Pure Sleep Snoring Aid to help with Nike’s Snoring! Looks like Snoring runs in the family huh! Since Julia  was extremely happy with Pure Sleep’s effectiveness, I requested her to review it for all of us here.

So here’s handing over the page to Julia:

Pure Sleep Snoring Aid is an effective mouthpiece device to help stop snoring. It helped save my relationship and I’ll tell you how.

When my fiance (Nike) and I decided to move in together, I knew I had to make some adjustments. What I didn’t realize was how big of an adjustment it would be. Our first night together, I discovered how loudly he snores. The bedroom resonates with the sound of his snores, and I didn’t get any sleep at all.

I tried making him sleep on his side. he would stop snoring for a couple of hours but afterwards, he would start snoring again. That was our pattern over the next several months. I couldn’t sleep properly, so I started sleeping on the couch in the living room. Needless to say, it caused some tension between us until one of my girlfriends told me about Pure Sleep Snoring Aid.

When Nike tried it on the first night, it was the most blissful night I’ve had since we moved in together. Let me tell you more about Pure Sleep and what it did for Nike and me.

Pros & Cons

Let me start by showing you the advantages and disadvantages of using Pure Sleep.

Pros (Advantages) of Pure Sleep Snoring Aid

  • Pure Sleep is US FDA approved
  • Dentists recommend the use of PureSleep
  • PureSleep is customizable to fit your teeth
  • The materials used on PureSleep is made from BPA plastic and latex free
  • Pure Sleep is made in the USA. All its materials are sourced in the USA
  • Pure Sleep has air holes so you can breathe through your mouth
  • Pure Sleep is durable. It can last up to 12 months

Cons (Drawbacks) of PureSleep Snoring Aid

  • You can only set its shape once; once it hardens you cannot re-shape it anymore.
  • If you are wearing full dentures or if you have loose teeth, you can’t use the device
  • Pure Sleep could cause drooling and soreness on your jaw during the first few days of use
  • Comes in two pieces so there are more crevices that can harbor bacteria.
  • Nike did find it annoying to answer the questionnaires before he was allowed to buy the product.

Who is PureSleep Snoring Aid good for?

I wasn’t sure if PureSleep would be safe. It’s a mandibular repositioning device, and I was worried how it would affect Nike. However, my worries are needless. PureSleep was completely safe to use and did not cause Nike any discomfort at all. The device has air holes that make breathing easy, and it also moves the lower jaw forward to allow air to move without obstruction.

Who should not use Zyppah Snoring Aid?

Nike was a bit worried because PureSleep requires a prescription, he felt that it might have some adverse side effects, so we consulted with our doctor just to make sure that he can safely use PureSleep. According to our doctor, mandibular devices have always been an effective long-term treatment for snoring and mild-moderate obstructive sleep apnea, and as far as he knows, there are no known complications associated with their use.

However, our doctor did tell us that people suffering from central sleep apnea, or were diagnosed with an illness related to temporomandibular joint should not use PureSleep or another mandibular device.

To use PureSleep, you should not have dentures, loose teeth, bleeding gums or mouth sores or suffer from any respiratory problems like asthma and emphysema.

Since Nike is not suffering from this illness, we asked our physician to give him a prescription.

Features of the PureSleep Snoring Aid

There are four basic elements that make PureSleep Snoring Aid stand out against another similar mandibular repositioning device.

  • It’s easy to use. The device is a two piece set that you can join together using the boil-and-bite technique. This allows you to get a customized fit for your teeth in less than a minute.
  • It has been cleared by US FDA to reduce snoring because the custom mold device holds the jaw slightly forward allowing you to breathe seamlessly while you sleep.
  • It is made in the USA and the materials are sourced in the USA and not overseas. Locally sourced materials give the assurance of quality compared to some unknown overseas brands The device is made of two high-quality plastic types, hard plastic outside and soft plastic inside.
  • PureSleep is co-invented by a dentist and an Ear, Eyes, Nose, and Throat (EENT) specialist. It has been used clinically for over 15 years as a treatment for snoring.

Background and Credibility of PureSleep Snoring Aid

I was a bit hesitant to for my man to use the device so I tried to find out more about the product. PureSleep is made in the USA, and using materials sourced in the USA. It is made of resins that are latex-free and biocompatibility-tested.

PureSleep is certified by the US FDA to reduce snoring among adults. Their factory is regularly inspected by the FDA to ensure that they are conforming to its strict standards. And as if that is not enough to reassure me, PureSleep was invented by a dentist who also has a snoring problem. This convinced me that PureSleep was made by someone who knows and understand the problem

PureSleep has a “try it before you buy it” policy, completely assuring me that they are that confident of the quality and effectiveness of their product.

How is PureSleep Snoring Aid different?

Nike is very athletic and often goes to the gym to box. When I first saw PureSleep, I thought that it looked like his mouthguard but I couldn’t be more wrong. PureSleep utilizes a patented technology that combines a hard plastic outer shell and soft plastic inside giving it a more sturdy structure.

Another thing that makes PureSleep from a regular athletic mouthguard is its design. Puresleep is designed to hold your lower jaw forward to keep the air passage open during sleep, while an athletic mouthguard keeps your mouth closed and covers the entire surface of the teeth.

Other than the features I described to you above, PureSleep is biocompatibility tested, its materials have no BPA added, and has the most affordable price compared with similar mandibular repositioning device.

User Experience of PureSleep Snoring Aid

Based on Amazon customer review, more than 59% of people who bought PureSleep Snoring Aid said the device worked for them. It helps treat their snoring problem and mild constructive apnea. About 40% of a total number of satisfied customers gave the product a rating of five stars. These people find that the product works and it reduces snoring significantly.

I totally agree with them. Before Nike tried PureSleep, his snoring was really bad and it was driving me up the wall. I would often get up in the middle of the night and sleep outside on the couch to get some sleep. This irked him a lot because he likes to cuddle. He hates waking up to find the bedside empty. I didn’t want to leave but if I don’t get any sleep, I won’t be able to go to work.

He was a bit hesitant to try the device. He said he’s done every solution possible to cure his snoring. He also mentioned using a similar mandibular repositioning device but it didn’t work. I tried to convince him to try another mandibular device one more time. He probably wouldn’t have agreed if he didn’t love me so much. We visited a physician to get a professional opinion.

After he tried PureSleep, I waited for the usual sound to resonate but miraculously, there was none. It was the first night in many weeks that he did not wake up in an empty bed. Now, cuddling up together has become a favorite habit.


PureSleep is an effective aid for snoring problems. If you or any of your loved ones have a snoring problem, I highly recommend that you try PureSleep. However, it is still best to consult your doctor before you try anything, but PureSleep is safe to use as a mandibular repositioning device to treat snoring.


ZYPPAH – Snoring Aid Review

ZYPPAH – Snoring Aid Review

Zyppah is a revolutionary anti-snoring mouthpiece designed by Dr. Jonathan Greenburg to treat snoring and help patients with sleep apnea.

There are four (4) Zyppah versions. There’s one version that can be bought online without prescription and another three that need to be prescribed and custom-fitted by a doctor. Snore No More centers around California currently offer prescription Zyppah.

Zyppah spelled backwards stands for “Happy Z” where “Z” stands for zzz or sleeping. This product is committed to stop snoring from the first use and help you improve the quality of your life, and rebuild relationships that might have been affected because of excessive snoring.

Pros & Cons

All products have certain features that make them beneficial and drawbacks that may cause us to have second thoughts on using the product. Here’s a list of a few that would better explain Zyppah as a product to help you with your snoring problems.

Pros (Advantages) of Zyppah Snoring Aid

  • American-made product, Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited, and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared.
  • The product was designed by an experienced dentist with background in bioengineering and affiliated with Snore No More facilities in California that specializes in snoring and sleep apnea.
  • Zyppah offers two solutions in one device: jaw repositioning and tongue stabilization to open airways, allow easy breathing, and eliminate snoring.
  • Design is comfortable and easy-to-use: “boil and bite” design ensures a custom fit.
  • It is made from BPA-free thermoplastic material. It comes in attractive neon green and black colors.
  • Zyppah has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, and free shipping and handling.

Cons (Drawbacks) of Zyppah Snoring Aid

  • Like all mouthpieces, Zyppah can cause jaw soreness and drooling for a few days.
  • It is not recommended for individuals with dentures, caps, crowns or loose teeth.
  • Users would need to factor in additional cost for denture-tabs. Although it can be cleaned with only soap and water, it’s suggested to also be cleaned with denture tabs at least once a week.

Who is Zyppah Snoring Aid good for?

Snoring starts as a nuisance to your relationship with your partner, but it can lead to devastating heartaches in time if not addressed immediately. Zyppah is a solution to prevent this catastrophe!

Zyppah is effective for patients who suffer from snoring due to blocked airways. Its design features a two-fold process that both positions the jaw forward and features a unique tongue crossbar that prevents the tongue from falling and blocking the airways while sleeping. These vibrating obstructions are what we normally hear as snoring.

With Zyppah, airways are kept clear and snoring is kept at bay, and then completely eliminated!

Who should not use Zyppah Snoring Aid?

A mouthpiece can be an excellent solution to prevent snoring. But, if you’ve had dental work such as dentures, caps, crowns or loose teeth, you shouldn’t use Zyppah.

To be effective, strong upper and lower teeth are a necessity to use the device. Teeth issues can prevent the device from being held firmly in place and cause it to not work effectively.

Also, Zyppah doesn’t address all causes of snoring. It is still recommended that you see a specialist to help you find an effective solution based on your specific diagnosis.

Features of the Zyppah Snoring Aid

Zyppah is classified as a MAD or mandibular advancement device. MADs are devices also referred to as oral appliances that work by moving the mandible or the lower jaw forward and open the airways.  Like other MADs, Zyppah does the same lower jaw positioning action to open the airways. However, Zyppah also functions as a TRD or a tongue retaining device with the rubber-like stabilizer strap at the end of the mouthpiece.

Zyppah is therefore a hybrid of MAD and TRD anti-snoring designs to effectively end snoring (see below figure)

Once you fall asleep, the tongue flops toward the throat because the muscles relax. When this happens, the uvula and soft palate can cause a partial breathing obstruction. Likewise, your neck muscles also relax and make your throat soft tissues to be closer together.

Normally, when relaxed, soft throat tissues and the uvula touch. When air pushes through it, the tissues vibrate. These vibrating tissues cause the snoring sound that we hear.

Zyppah positions the lower jaw forward and keeps the tongue stationary so the uvula and soft palate don’t collapse into the throat – which ultimately means no tissues touching, no vibrations, no snoring.

Background and Credibility of Zyppah Snoring Aid

Zyppah was designed by Dr. Jonathan Greenburg, one of the foremost authorities on treating snoring and sleep apnea. He has extensive experience in the field of dentistry before shifting his focus to treat snoring issues and open five different Sleep No More Centers across Southern California.

Dr. Greenburg also has a background in bio-engineering that helped him create the revolutionary design of Zyppah. He discovered that he could eliminate snoring by addressing the airway blockage caused by a relaxed tongue and designed the Zyppah to address this specifically.

This wide-ranging experience and knowledge in the fields of dentistry and bio-engineering guarantees that the product’s overall design is well researched and crafted by experts.

Zyppah is a product designed and manufactured in the US where there are strict policies on medical devices. It complies with the US FDA standards as an anti-snoring device.  Having passed through a stringent screening process assures that the product is of the highest standard and quality.

Dr. Greenburg – Eliminating Snoring from ZYPPAH on Vimeo.

How is Zyppah Snoring Aid different?

There a lot of other MADs and TRDs on the market, what makes Zyppah different?

  1. It’s a two-in-one product. You get the necessary jaw and tongue support needed to clear airways and prevent snoring.
  2. The unique tongue strap – you stop snoring by addressing the root cause, the tongue. It works as a seatbelt for your tongue and prevents it from blocking airways. This is the only device on the market that offers this solution today.
  3. Zyppah offers a 90-day trial promotion. If not satisfied with the product, you can return it within 90 days and get a full refund. You get an additional 90 days if you purchase your Zyppah with their SNAP cleanser.
  4. The design and material used is vibrant, visually pleasing, comfortable to use and non-irritating.
  5. Customer reviews proclaim and support Zyppah’s claim to make sleeping, for you and your partner, silent and happy. Snoring was gone on their first try!

User Experience of Zyppah Snoring Aid

Most customers are skeptical to use Zyppah because of how it is designed. Some comment that they have initial reservations to use it because of the tongue strap it has. In their minds, this strap may cause a gag reflex when used.

Ordering the product was easy. Check their official website and place an order online. It was first released for over $120 but the prices have come down since and is now less than that. The company even offers further discounts when you purchase two Zyppahs instead of 1. Shipping, processing and handling fees are charged at a flat rate.

Delivery is without hassle and on-time. The package and product are both attractive and the fitting instruction is straightforward and easy to follow. It uses a boil-and-bite method of preparation that’s common for MADs.

After using it for a whole night, there was soreness in Casey’s jaws. This sensation was commonplace for MADs users. He continued to use it for more than a week and his mouth started to get used to it. Our original reservations on the tongue strap were relieved as Casey say’s it doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all!

In time, the soreness gradually went away and with it the snoring!


First and foremost, go see a physician to know the cause of your snoring issues. Only by knowing this can you find the most effective solution to rid yourself of this problem. Your mouth is unique and so are its problems, so learn more before you invest on a product that may or may not help you with your issues.

Zyppah though, is a worriless investment. The unique design and positive customer feedback assures that you’re getting an effective and quality product. The 90-day money back guarantee gives you additional security that you’ll get fully refunded if you’re unhappy with it. So, see it for yourself, try it, risk-free!


AirSnore Snoring Aid Review

AirSnore Snoring Aid Review

Type:Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) + Nasal Drops
Clinical studies:No
FDA:Not aproved
Price:$49.95 for AirSnore Mouthpiece, $44.95 for AirSnore Nasal Drops. $89.95 for the AirSnore Combo
(*Use Code SAVE20 for 20% discount)
Money back:Yes, 60 days
Company name:Wolfson Berg Limited
Business address:

Archiep. Makariou III, 124, JOC BUSINESS CENTER, Kiti, 7550, Larnaca, Cyprus

Not Provided
+44 (0) 208 787 5981
+1 (646) 568 9679
BBB accredited:Not Accredited
BBB rating
(A to F):
Not Applicable, since no accredition
Scam complaints:No

It can be a challenge to find the best anti-snoring solution as there are many things we have to consider like the price, efficacy, ease of use, and so on and so on. When I discovered AirSnore Snoring Aid what appealed to me instantly about it was its simplicity in design and use. Let’s see how this latest entrant in the anti-snoring remedies market is faring. Read on to know more about AirSnore Review

AirSnore Review

Pros & Cons

To help you understand why I’ve chosen AirSnore Snoring Aid as a great solution for snoring, I’ve listed down a number of pros and cons for this product.

Pros (Advantages) of AirSnore Snoring Aid

  • Great price, especially considering the deals available for the product (currently at $89.95 AIRSNORE™ COMBO – includes AirSnore drops)
  • Long money back guarantee, can be returned within 60-days for full refund if not satisfied
  • Easy to fit: put the device in hot water for a few minutes then take it out, and once it’s at a safe temperature, put in your mouth and bite down to mould itself inside your mouth
  • Easy to clean: just soak the device in cold water and/or non-whitening toothpaste solution for 10 – 15 minutes and let it dry before using it again
  • There’s an airhole in the centre of the mouthpiece to allow easy mouth breathing, especially when suffering from stuffy nose due to allergies or flu
  • Reduces teeth grinding, as the device locks the jaws in place
  • Official website has an active Chat support option for any questions or concerns with the product
  • Does not need prescription

Cons (Drawbacks) of AirSnore Snoring Aid

  • Can be incompatible with dentures or if user has missing teeth, though possible if approved by dental practitioners
  • Basic anti-snoring device does not offer any adjustability
  • Can experience jaw soreness, excessive drooling and face pains initially; though this is common with other MADs (Mandibular Advancement Device)
  • Not FDA approved but made in an FDA approved facility

Who is AirSnore Snoring Aid good for?

The most important question when reviewing AirSnore is, who is this good for? If you’re suffering from snoring or obstructive sleep apnea, AirSnore is worth a try.  It has been proven that Mandibular Advancement Devices (MAD) are effective remedies to snoring and AirSnore’s simple design and ease of use makes it worthy of attention for older people, for those who are new to using a mouthpiece, or for snorers who have tried other anti-snoring mouthpieces before and just want to go back to basics.

This is an overall good device as well for those who are often struck down with nasal congestion due to allergies or flu because of the airhole in the centre of the mouthpiece that allows for easy mouth breathing. Also, they offer AirSnore Drops, in combination with the AirSnore product, which helps alleviate the symptoms of cold, cough, sinus and chest infections, as well as unblock airways to allow for proper breathing while sleeping.

If you’re searching for an inexpensive and easy to use snoring prevention device, this can be the one for you.

Airsnore Review

AirSnore Mouthpiece can be purchased standalone for $49.95

Who should not use AirSnore Snoring Aid Mouthpiece?

AirSnore review cannot be complete without addressing who should not be using this product. As what we have discussed before with the pros and cons, snorers who have caps, crowns, dentures, bridges or implants may not be able to use this product due to the nature of how the AirSnore moulds inside the mouth.  However, it’s still best to seek advice from your dental practitioners before trying this product out.

Features of the AirSnore Snoring Aid

  1. AirSnore works by keeping the airway behind the throat clear, while you are asleep by pushing the lower jaw forward slightly and locking it in position.
  2. The device is made of thermoplastic in order for users to adjust it by the boil-and-bite process.
  3. AirSnore offers a breathing hole in the centre of the mouthpiece to allow you to breathe though your mouth if you have a stuffy nose due to allergies or flu, or just because you breathe through your mouth.
  4. The design is discreet. It is made of a transparent and soft material, making it hard to notice by others while you’re wearing them.
  5. The mouthpiece is not bulky and reviews online say that it is comfortable inside the mouth.

Background and Credibility of AirSnore Snoring Aid

AirSnore started selling its products only in 2015, which is why you may not find numerous reviews and feedback about it online. However, these current reviews are all positive. The company that manufactures AirSnore is Wolfson Berg Limited based in Cyprus. Wolfson Berg has over 30 years of combined experience in manufacturing health-related products. They also have an internal team of knowledgeable and experienced consultants including nutrition specialists, fitness consultants, and health professionals, who research and investigate to produce the best quality consumer products.


How is AirSnore Snoring Aid different?

When we sleep, our muscle tissues in the back of the tongue and throat relax and vibrate when air current passes. As we lie on our back, our lower jaw is pushed backward and blocks the pathway for air to pass. This increase in air pressure makes us snore. What AirSnore does is to prevent that by pushing your lower jaw forward while you sleep to keep the airway cleared, allowing you to breathe easy.

This design for AirSnore is the same as most MADs but what makes it different is the option to get it bundled with another product to help with snoring and breathing issues while sleeping – AirSnore drops.


AirSnore drops can be purchased by itself for $44.95

AirSnore Drops provides relief if you’re suffering from cough, cold, sinus or chest infections, as these conditions will likely cause you to snore more and the blocked airways can make it harder to breathe. AirSnore Drops is used by simply rubbing in the chest, neck and under the nostrils before going to sleep.  It includes five main essential oils that have soothing and antiseptic properties:

  • Lavendula angustifolia (lavender) flower oil: highly regarded for skin and beauty treatments, lavender oil is also widely known to improve sleep and often used to treat sleep related problems. It also has antibacterial properties to relieve congestion.
  • Eucalyptus globulus (eucalyptus) leaf oil: native to Australia, this distilled oil acts as the decongestant through its cooling and refreshing properties. Some of its properties (Vasodilation properties) also helps dilate blood vessels to allow more oxygen in the lungs.
  • Mentha piperita (peppermint) leaf oil: indigenous to Europe and the Middle East, this oil acts as a decongestant and also a natural painkiller, to relieve sore muscles as a side effect for flu.
  • Pinus sylvestris (Scots pine) leaf oil: another decongestant to loosen the phlegm and mucus from your respiratory system.
  • Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil: this oil, largely produced in Ukraine and Russia, is rich in vitamin E and easily absorbed in the skin, making it the carrier oil for the other active oils in AirSnore drops.

User Experience of AirSnore Snoring Aid

While I did not personally use AirSnore, one of my freinds did use it and she was happy with it. She did mention that it took a few days of getting used to. Howver once she was comfortable with it, it helped reduce her snoring immensely. Also the drops came in very handy whenever she or anyone in the family has snoring due to nasal congestion. Even her teenage kids use the drops to help releive their nasal congestion when they are feeling under the weather, and they are loving it too.

Conclusion for AirSnore Review

No single particular mouthpiece is suitable for everyone as we have different jaws and mouth sizes, and finding the best one out there may be a bit of a challenge. However, I can say that AirSnore is a highly recommended product that promotes ease of use, simplicity and affordability. It offers an alternative to much bulkier and often times uncomfortable anti-snoring mouthpieces on the market today. With the simple design and 60-day guarantee, there’s no harm to give it a try!


ZQuiet Snoring Aid Review

ZQuiet Snoring Aid Review

Type:Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD)
Clinical studies:Yes
FDA:Designated a class II medical device by the FDA
Price:$9.95 (trial) + $79.95
Money back:Yes, 30 days (trial period)
Company name:Sleeping Well LLC
Business address:5247 Shelburne Road Shelburne, VT 05482-7041
BBB accredited:Yes
BBB rating
(A to F):
Scam complaints:No

The ZQuiet mouthpiece is a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) created to reduce snoring. It is also designed to help reduce breathing problems during sleep like in sleep apnea. According to my research, this product is one of the top selling anti-snoring devices available in the market today.

ZQuiet continues to gain popularity among people with snoring and sleep-related breathing problems. It stands now with a 9.8 rating among other products of its kind and considered as one of the best-selling MAD in the market.

Pros & Cons

This product possesses high quality and practicality. Just to be fair, let me point out its positives and negatives. These can help you see the device’s potentials so you can decide wisely. I’ve listed down its pros and cons below.

Pros (Advantages) of ZQuiet Snoring Aid

  • Made of a soft medical grade, BPA-free, and latex-free material that’s non-irritating to use.
  • Flexible due to its Living Hinge Technology feature and lets you move your mouth making speaking easy while wearing the device.
  • Designated by the FDA as a class II medical device.
  • Its airflow ports help you breathe while you sleep by keeping the mouth slightly opened for proper airflow.
  • Cleanable with dish soap and a toothbrush.
  • The product comes in a package of two mouthpieces to give you options when one does not work.
  • No required fitting process as the material can be filed and trimmed if it’s too big.
  • It’s price-worthy, comfortable and easy to use, durable, and effective.

Cons (Drawbacks) of ZQuiet Snoring Aid

  • Not good if you wear it with loose or weak teeth and dentures.
  • Its one-size-fits-all feature does not work as is because there’s no option if it’s too small, though it may be trimmed and filed if too big.
  • One of its uncomfortable effects for first-timers or non-users is jaw soreness.
  • Many customers who bought it pointed out its short lifespan before it needs replacement.

Who is ZQuiet Snoring Aid good for?

ZQuiet is one for those who suffer from mild cases of obstructive sleep apnea or other snoring and breathing problems related to sleeping. This FDA-approved device helps people to have better and peaceful sleep at night, thus reducing daytime sleepiness.

This product is best for those who are mouth breathers (people who usually breathe through their mouth when sleeping) or have stuffy nose so need to breathe through the mouth.

The product is also good for anyone who needs it because it promotes a ‘one size fits all’ feature. However, if it does not fit snugly, it can be filed and trimmed if it’s too big.

Who should not use ZQuiet Snoring Aid?

As I’ve stated in the pros and cons section of this article, ZQuiet is not recommended for those who wear dentures and with weak or loose teeth. It may be made of a flexible material but because of its built that fully covers the teeth area, it might not be good with dentures, loose, or weak teeth.

If you have bridgeworks, braces or retainers, teeth crowns and the likes, you may want to reconsider other options like the customized ones. It’s still best to consult your dentist to be sure before using this product.

Features of the ZQuiet Snoring Aid

  1. ZQuiet features a hinged connection at the back or between the upper and lower parts. This Living Hinge Technology gives its flexibility for ease of movement and comfort.
  2. It comes in two mouthpieces per package for different choices and suitability of the user. One comes with the slight lower jaw advancement while the other has a farther or more advancement for holding the jaw forward.
  3. Unlike other MADs, ZQuiet is softer and more flexible with an FDA approval for its thermoplastic elastomer material. It is safe to use right away from its packaging and no pre-soaking is needed.
  4. It also features the airflow posts which ensure that the mouth does not close for continued breathing and non-blockage of the oral air passage. It’s good for users with nasal decongestion thus breathing orally.

 Living Hinge Technology of ZQuiet Snoring Aid

Its Living Hinge Technology gives it an extra advantage among other jaw retaining devices. The hinge at the back part of the mouthpiece connects and holds together the upper and lower jaws. This gives ZQuiet the flexibility that lets any user have that ease of jaw movement. It’s the first ever mouthpiece that possesses this kind of features.

Background and Credibility of ZQuiet Snoring Aid

Sleeping Well LLC is ZQuiet’s manufacturer. Sleeping Well is a reputable company. It bears an A+ rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau.

FDA designated ZQuiet as a class II medical device. The device has been put to the test and proven safe, effective, and convenient to use.

Sleeping Well offers ZQuiet with a 30-day trial period for $9.95. Its full price is $89.90 (trial price included) plus the shipping fees. The full price will only be charged to your account after the 30-day trial period. If you chose to return the product before the trial period elapses, only the trial price and shipping fees are charged on you.

You may have heard or read some problems related to ZQuiet but its manufacturer had seen to it that everything has been dealt with effectively. Based on studies and reviews, this product has proven its worth and effectiveness so far.

How is ZQuiet Snoring Aid different?

ZQuiet differ from other devices or mouthpieces of its kind due to its Living Hinge Technology. Its softness and flexibility set it apart from other MADs. It no pre-soaking property makes it different also. You just need to literally “pop it in” as according to its ad. There’s no need for pre-soaking or “blanching” it with hot or warm water before its initial use.

It also comes in two pieces with different lower jaw advancements for you to choose from. Size A has the slight lower jaw advancement while size B has a more advanced lower jar for a more distant jaw retaining hold. The device has also a ‘one size fits all’ feature.

User Experience of ZQuiet Snoring Aid

I don’t have any personal experience of the product but my friend’s cousin does. He’s a big guy who happens to have snoring and breathing problems during his sleep. ZQuiet has helped improve his breathing upon using it. His snoring was also noticeably reduced according to him.

What he likes most about the product is that it’s so soft and flexible that he can talk and drink even when it’s still inside his mouth. He said that even if he felt a little awkward on first use, but the discomfort eventually subsides the next day when he already got used to the device.

ZQuiet literally lives up to its slogan of just “pop it in” because he didn’t have to soak it with anything before using for the first time. All he did was to wear it right away after opening and taking it out of its packaging.

He used the mouthpiece with the slight advancement at first and it served him well. He switched to the one with a more advanced lower jaw later on as he discovered that it suits him perfectly. It truly helped reduce his snoring and improve his sleeping patterns.


Based on all the facts presented, ZQuiet earns a fair share of popularity and quality. The device poses fairly in comfort, style, and quality from among the other leading anti-snore mouthpieces in the market. This product passes every possible test that any mandibular advancement splint or device should withstand. It stands out among the others of its kind, and it’s truly effective.

ZQuiet is proven and tested to live up to its reputation and credibility as a snoring solution. Try it now to find out how good it is and if it truly suits your preferences.


VitalSleep Review

VitalSleep Review

Buy Vital Sleep for 59.95$ only.

Type:Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD)
Clinical studies:Yes
FDA:Designated a class II medical device by the FDA
Price:$50.95 for single piece*, 2 pieces for $84.96* ($ 42.48 per piece)
(*Use Code SAVE15 for 15% discount)
Money back:Yes, 60 days
Company name:The Snore Reliever Company LLC
Business address:

347 5th Ave. Suite 1402-148, New York, NY 10016
BBB accredited:Not Accredited
BBB rating
(A to F):
Not Applicable, since no accredition
Scam complaints:No
WarrantyYes, 1 year

VitalSleep is my go-to Snoring Aid, simply because it is unbeatable in its comfort. VitalSleep uses 3 steps to ensure you have a mouthpiece that fits you like a glove, causes minimum friction and pain and serves its purpose. Many snorers have written to me about the poor fit they have to endure with other mouthguards, but with VitalSleep I have had no fit complaints at all. So, let us dive into Vital Sleep Mouthpiece Review and know more.

Pros (Advantages) of VitalSleep

  • The materials used are thermoplastic which is BPA-free and latex-free.
  • There are two available sizes, Regular for men and small recommended for women
  • It offers unmatched customization via a 3 pronged approach of differing sizes, boil and bite feature and a micro-adjustment option.
  • It is made in the USA.
  • There is a 30-day money back guarantee + a 1-year warranty if needed replacements.
  • It can still be worn by people with partial dentures.
  • It is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • Its breathing hole enables you to breathe through your mouth. Most MAD force you to breathe through your nose.
  • It allows side-to-side mobility to prevent lower jaw and teeth strain.

Cons (Drawbacks) of VitalSleep

  • The design frame is not moulded in the teeth but around the gum line.
  • It must be thoroughly cleaned after every use.

Who is VitalSleep Snoring Aid good for?

If you have tried other MAD and found no success with the fit, then Vital Sleep is the one for you. Unless you wish to visit a dentist and spend a fortune on a customized snoring aid, Vital Sleep is what you need. It has amazing customization options allowing you the perfect fit.

If you have deviated septum, nasal polyps, nose injuries, or any other situation that makes it difficult for you to breathe through the nose, then Vital Sleep will work well for you. Unlike most MAD devices that force you to breathe through your nose, Vital Sleep comes with an air hole that allows you to breathe naturally through your mouth if required.

Who should not use VitalSleep?

If you wear full dentures VitalSleep won’t work for you. Also if you are looking for a low maintenance average fit MAD device then Vital Sleep is not for you. It requires thorough cleaning daily, so it is high maintenance when compared to other MAD.

Doctors recommend people with severe respiratory disorders, asthma, TMJ pain, central sleep apnea, advanced periodontal disease, and loose teeth to not use MAD.

Important Features of VitalSleep:

There are approximately a hundred kinds of snoring mouthpiece on the market, but I highly recommend VitalSleep. Why? It is because it has two different sizes and an adjustment feature. There are people who complain how it is uncomfortable to use these kinds of devices. But, if I will be able to adjust it perfectly around my jaw, there would be no problems.

VitalSleep can be adjusted up to 7 millimetres between the lower and upper trays. The adjustments can be done through the hex screws side by side. This is a standout compared to other snoring mouthpieces. The boil and bite mechanism ensures that your VitalSleep mouthpiece if moulded perfectly into your jaw shape. However, jaw shape is one thing and how you like to hold your jaw when sleeping is altogether another thing. Keeping this in mind VitalSleep offers the adjustment feature. Allowing you to really fine tune the mouthpiece for the most comfortable fit ever.

Background and credibility of VitalSleep Snoring Aid

As it is stated in the pros of the device, VitalSleep is approved by the Food and Drug Administration or FDA. They have already checked the ingredients used. It is BPA free, which means that the plastic used is not harmful to our health.

Also if you check online for VitalSleep review you will find almost all positive comments! Aside from the quality, there is also a free replacement after one year. It easily wears out because people who snore tend to grind their teeth too, which can damage the device. That’s so convenient for us, right?

How is VitalSleep different from other Snoring Aid?

VitalSleep has an outstanding level of customization. Aside from its sizes, it can also be customized through the boil-and-bite technology and micro-adjustment. When choosing the best snoring mouthpiece, the first priority should be the level of comfort when wearing it. This device is used during sleep, which is approximately eight hours. The last thing that we should experience is the discomfort of wearing something that does not fit our jaws.

The boil-and-bite technology may sound scary, but it would really help in adjusting and customizing the device. It doesn’t even take five minutes! Another good thing about VitalSleep is that it allows us to breathe through our mouth, not on our nose. So, even if we have nose polyps, deviated septum, or nose injuries, we can still use this while asleep.

Vital Sleep Review

VitalSleep is the only mouthpiece of the market that has micro adjustments possible up to 7mm!

How to adjust VitalSleep Snoring Aid:

  1. Boil water and put the device for about 10 seconds.
  2. Cool it in 10 seconds then put it in your mouth and bite.
  3. Dip it in cold water until the device becomes firm.
  4. Adjust using the hex screws to the desired position.

If you would consider the bonus features of VitalSleep compared to other snoring aids, you might think that it would be expensive. But it is just $59.95!!. There’s also a 30-day money back guarantee, so no worries! This is a good deal already compared to other jaw retaining mouthpiece devices.

My Experience about VitalSleep Snoring Aid

Casey was really apprehensive to try VitalSleep because of the boil and bite feature. He was worried about it being too hot, burning his mouth of what if he got it wrong and ruined the piece (money down the drain). I managed to get him to give it a try after a lot of persuasions.

Surprisingly the boil and bite part was very simple and quick. After dropping the mouthpiece in boiling water, we removed it and allowed it to cool for 10 seconds, which made it lukewarm and comfortable to handle. Casey did say it felt warm in his mouth when he bite into it, but it was bearable. Next up we cooled it in chilled water. And there it was ready to go.

Initially we decided to try it without any adjustments to see the fit. 1st night I slept peacefully, no snoring, however, Casey reported some jaw soreness in the morning. So that day he did some adjustments with the hex tool and 2nd night was snore free for me as well as comfortable for Casey too. He said this was by far one of the most comfortable MAD he has used. The micro adjustments really did it for him.

However, his grouse was with two things, the cleaning and the hex tool. He said he is very likely to lose the hex tool because it is so tiny. Maybe VitalSleep guys should make a holding case for the MAD and the hex tool both so the two can be kept together. Also, the cleaning was tiresome for Casey. It took 5-7 minutes to get the device properly cleaned, with a brush. Due to its many crevices, thorough cleaning is required, so that’s time consuming every morning. Also once a week cleaning it with a cleaning tablet is a must.

VitalSleep may not be perfect for everyone, but there’s no harm in trying. You might find it scary and uncomfortable to use, but it could work well in the end. It all depends on the person who will use it. Another thing, you can guarantee a 30-day money back! With this, you won’t have problems giving it back if it won’t work well with you.

Conclusion of VitalSleep Mouthpiece Review

VitalSleep was introduced with an outstanding design, good features, and affordable price. It is made to fit a lot of your expectations of a snoring aid. It was also designed to provide maximum comfort to future users. The micro-adjustment and boil-and-bite technology features were excellent too! It provides options for the sizes. And it also has benefits like free replacement after one year and 30-day money back guarantee.

VitalSleep gets a big thumbs up from us, give it a try.

Guaranteed to Treat Snoring

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