aboutHi, my name is Katherine Dilworth, and Im not a snorer.

Yes Im not!

So then why did I create this site? And why is it named Casey Dilworth?

I created this site because I live with a former snorer (I have cured his snoring), my husband Casey Dilworth.

This site is dedicated to my husband Casey, whose snoring had almost driven us to divorce. I visited the attorney too, who upon hearing my plight, counseled me and my husband to try snoring solutions seriously and work on improving our communication and give our marriage another shot.

Did it work?

Yes it did. It’s been 3 years since the attorney’s visit and me and Casey are still very much together. Happily married. We have overcome the snoring barrier and have a wonderful life together.

Best part we welcomed out little daughter Isabella 1 year back. When Casey used to snore, I couldn’t even dream of kids. How would a little one sleep with the terrible snoring sounds Casey issued.

Thankfully that in the past now.

Isabella is little over a year old now and happily dozes off with her dad.

Getting back:

Since snoring almost ruined my marriage, I understand its ramifications very well. When I took up the task of curing Casey’s snoring, I researched far and wide, read numerous articles, posts, research paper. Spoke to snorers and those living with snorers and found tons of useful information.

When I managed to cure Casey’s snoring, the feeling was nothing short of elation!


My success was a fruit hard earned. And I felt that its something I should share with you all too. My friends who heard about my success, wanted to know how I did it.

I used to get asked a snoring question once in a week atleast.

These questions brought forth the idea of this blog.

I know how Snoring can kill the buzz, ruin relationships and wreak havoc in everyday life.

So I decided to share my success story with all of you.

What snoring solutions worked best for me and all the information in the middle that will help you live happily with a snorer.

My Advice:

Keep Communication open. Both snorer and the partner are suffering due to snoring. So don’t play the blame game. Get onto 1 team and beat the snoring demon which is wrecking your lives.

On parting Note:

Happy zzzzz to you 🙂

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