People snore when there is a partial blockage to any of the body’s air passageways. It starts with the relaxing of the neck muscles which then leads to the relaxation of the nose and throat. If these become too relaxed, the upper airway partly closes. So when you breathe air into the narrower passage, the tissues on the back of the throat start to reverberate. The more these vibrate, the louder the snoring will be.

Some people don’t have a problem with snoring but a large number of people do. Studies show that about half of the global population are prone to snoring; especially those who carry excess weight on their necks. Men are more prone to the condition than women.

So You may question like –

How to stop my boyfriend from snoring?

How to stop your partner from snoring?

How to get my husband to stop snoring?


Depending on the gravity of the condition, snoring can cause impediments to a person’s overall sleep quality. But, given that the snorer does not sleep alone, it can also affect his partner’s overall sleep quality — this means you. This is why there are a number of remedies available today that aim to resolve the snoring dilemma.

Although there is an absence of a miracle cure when it comes to a problem like snoring, there are a number of ways by which people can alleviate it. If your husband is a persistent snorer, here are 5 ways to get your husband to stop snoring; ensuring that the both of you will get a good night’s rest each and every evening. Keep in mind that the easiest way to combat a snoring problem is to apply a few minor changes to his lifestyle.

1 – Have him exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight.

Regular exercise and a healthy diet can help your husband maintain his ideal weight. By actively managing this, he will be less prone to developing excess fatty tissues that can put pressure on the neck area.

2 – Be mindful of his sleeping position.

The body experiences a state of relaxation during the state of sleep. When the muscles relax, especially those in the throat area, they are more prone to the effects of gravity when you lie down. If your husband lies on his back, the tongue may turn back into the throat causing a blockage to the throat.

When the passageway for air is blocked, this can lead to a more actively vibrating throat causing the snoring to commence. The most ideal position for sleep is laying flat on one’s stomach or laying on one’s side.

3 -Try your best to steer him clear of alcohol before bedtime.

Alcohol is a relaxant and adds to the relaxing factor of sleep. When the tongue and throat muscles are even more relaxed, it will become easier for them to collapse thereby blocking the passage of air when breathing leading to snoring.

4 – Do your best to reduce the amount of cigarettes he smokes.

Cigarette smoke causes the thinning and irritation of the lining of the throat and nasal cavity. This can cause swelling over time; not to mention promotes congestion, making it difficult for your husband to breathe. The decreased airflow can also be to blame for the incessant snoring.

5 – Eliminate any congestion within his nasal cavity.

Clear nasal passages should be maintained. If your husband develops allergies, have him use a nasal spray or take antihistamines.

If you are dealing with a snoring problem that cannot be alleviated by these methods, it would be best if you resorted to the use of commercial snore control devices. There are different gizmos that are readily available today from nasal strips to more advanced gadgets. In this case, do speak with a local pharmacist for the necessary assistance. For more severe cases of snoring, bring your husband to a doctor for a professional assessment.

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